Surprise! Eat Sugar to Lose Weight

Updated: Apr. 06, 2020

Here’s why a little candy isn’t all that bad for you.

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Try one of Starbuck’s Petites for less than 200 calories.

Good news! Candy isn’t bad for you–or not all bad for you, at least. According to a  newly released study of 15,000 adults, “people who eat candy and chocolate tend to have smaller waists, weigh less and have a lower body mass index than those who don’t indulge in these treats.” Do candy eaters have magic metabolisms? Not at all.  According to researchers, they are just able to limit themselves to about 1.3 ounces of candy per day, which rarely exceeds more than 200 calories.

Though candy eaters seemed to eat more calories overall, they were likely to exercise more too, thus giving themselves permission to indulge a little and thus avoid out-of-control cravings. Other benefits of indulging a little were a general “14 percent lower risk of elevated blood pressure and a 15 percent decreased risk of having metabolic syndrome.”

So what’s a good amount of sweets? “No more than 10 percent of daily calories” from sweet treats says a dietitian, which is 140-200 calories for the average woman. Try one of these 10 naughty treats for 200 satisfying calories or less.

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Jelly Belly Jelly Beans – 35 beans = 140 calories
Mix and match flavors for your own personal blend.

York Peppermint Pattie – 1 = 140 calories
Get satisfying mouth-tingling mint and chocolate in a few sizable bites.

Starbuck’s Grande Skinny Macchiato = 140 calories
Why take a tasteless coffee break? Get some calcium plus a sweet treat.

Starbuck’s  Petites8 selections under 200 calories
From a Birthday Cake Pop to a Peanut Butter Mini Cupcake you can’t have a better 200 calories.

Ciao Bella Mango Sorbet – ½ cup = 120 calories
Sweet, satisfying, and completely guilt free.

Haagen Dazs Peach Frozen Yogurt – ½ cup = 170 calories
Creamy as ice cream with a touch of sweetness.

Carvel ‘lil Rounders – 1 = 160-190 calories
These little cookie ice cream saucers are the perfect size sweet snack.

Pretzel M&Ms 1.17 oz = 150 calories
This sweet and salty treat has the lowest calorie count of the M&M flavors.

Dunkin’ Donuts 3 munchkins = 150 calories
Small doughnuts are always the way to go.

Coca-Cola 12 ounces = 140 calories
Yes, we know we say it’s the most evil substance in the world, but if it occasionally hits the spot we won’t tell! Just don’t make it a pack-a-day habit.

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