Drugs and Alcohol

Drug and alcohol abuse can contribute to serious health conditions. Learn more about the effects of alcohol and drugs on the body.

What Is the Safest Amount of Alcohol to Drink?

You might have heard that a daily glass of wine is good for your health, but not every expert agrees. Here's what experts really think about alcohol consumption.

8 Ways Your Genes Influence Your Drinking Habits

Should your family history influence how you drink? Or, how much you drink? Possibly. Scientific evidence links certain aspects of...

This Is What Happens to Your Body When You Binge Drink

Just one night of binge drinking can affect your health. Here's how too much alcohol can affect your body, from...

8 Alcoholics Reveal Eye-Opening Lessons on Overcoming Addiction

One in 12 Americans will struggle with alcoholism at some point in their life. Here recovering alcoholics share their best...

This Is the Group That’s More Likely to Be Prescribed Opioids—and Get Addicted

When people show up to the ER or leave the OR after surgery, one group is more likely to walk...

One Phone Call Changed This Drug Addict’s Life, and Her Story May Change Yours

Auburn knew she had a problem—with drugs, her marriage, her baby. So in desperation, she called a counselor's number in...

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Does Natural Wine Have Health Benefits?

Registered dietitian and plant-based diet specialist Cynthia Sass explores the natural wine trend, including what it is, the pros and...

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Why Does Wine Give Me A Headache?

If a glass of vino leads to a throbbing noggin, you're not alone. Here's why wine gives some people headaches—and...

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What Does Being Sober Mean? The Details on Alcohol-Free Living

An alcohol-free lifestyle can offer big rewards—if you know what your goal is, why it matters, and how you plan...

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14 Dry January Memes to Make You Laugh Instead of Drink

Here are some Dry January memes that may help you embrace the no-booze sobriety challenge.

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These Are the Best Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wines—I Know Because I Tried Them All

If you're looking for the best bottle of bubbly without the hangover, try nonalcoholic champagne or one of these other...

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These Are the Best Alcohol-Free Wines—I Know Because I Tried Them All

If you're a wine lover and want to cut back on alcohol, try these relatively healthy alcohol-free wines to replace...

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I Tried Alcohol-Free Spirits and These Are the 14 Best Ones

I taste-tested dozens of alcohol-free drinks and spirits to find the best booze replacements you can use to create no-alcohol...

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16 Recovery Quotes that May Help Inspire You to Stay Sober

You've already survived 100 percent of your worst days.

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7 Best Mocktails You Can Buy—I Know Because I Tried Them All

If you're looking for a no-alcohol drink, skip the seltzer and try this list of the best

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Sobering Up: Alternatives to AA for Women

Several women who struggle with alcohol dependence share their stories of how they're seeking alternatives to Alcoholics Anonymous.

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Why You Should Watch Your Alcohol Intake During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Why and how to moderate your alcohol intake during Covid-19, and how to seek support if you think you may...

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7 Signs You Might Be Binge Drinking (Without Realizing It)

If you knock back four to five drinks in two hours, you just engaged in binge drinking. Here are the...

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20 Secrets Addiction Counselors Want You to Know

Whether you or a loved one is facing alcohol, drug, or painkiller addiction, here's real advice on how to get...

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Dry January: Should You Quit Drinking in January?

Dry January is gaining in popularity. But what is Dry January and does it have any benefits? Here's what you...

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I Gave Up Alcohol for 21 Days, and Here’s What Happened

Cutting cocktails out of my life was a seriously eye-opening experience and one of the best ways I've found to...

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21 Medications You Should Never Mix with Alcohol

A hot toddy might sound good when you have a cold—but resist the urge: The mixture of booze and common...

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Dry January: What Doctors Need You to Know

Quitting alcohol—even for just a month—can help you examine your relationship with alcohol, and may have some physical and mental...

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12 Signs You Should Try a Dry January

Taking a month off drinking alcohol has some potential benefits, even if you're just a social drinker.

8 Creative Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Without Alcohol

Skip the alcohol and try these 8 unique ways to ring in the New Year, from a virtual dinner party...

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14 Expert Tips for a Successful Dry January

Looking to go "dry" this January? Follow our experts' 14 tips for a successful alcohol-free month, from detoxing your house...

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“I Tried Dry January—and It Saved My Life”

"Only alcoholics need to quit drinking and I wasn't an alcoholic so I didn't need to give up drinking… right?"

Here’s Why Drinking Alcohol Can Make You Hungry

This is why a couple rounds of beer at a bar may lead to ordering hot wings, mozzarella sticks, and...

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You Need This: Tricks to Cure a Hangover Naturally

Overdo it last night? Rebound quickly with these all-natural hangover home remedies, most of which you likely have on hand....

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9 Things That Happen When You Stop Drinking Alcohol

No one is saying drinking in moderation (a drink a day for women and two for men) is a bad...