Eva Longoria Just Shared Her Secret to Healthy Aging

Updated: Feb. 24, 2023

"A lot of women want to feel good in their skin," Eva Longoria says. Here's how she does it, while managing motherhood, philanthropy, and a new travel docuseries.

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Those women. Those women who take such good care of themselves that they inspire us to do the same, and who juggle a lot in their day to remind us we can, too. At 47, Eva Longoria is raising her four-year-old son, while executive producing and starring in Eva Longoria: Searching for Mexico—which is her docuseries set to premiere in March 2023 on CNN—and serving as the founder of the Eva Longoria Foundation, which aims to empower Latinas in the US.

As she juggles it all, Longoria was willing to share the private ways she practices self-care. One way is as global brand ambassador for InMode, a system that offers radiofrequency treatments for “skin remodeling, toning and maintenance,” according to the brand’s website.

The Healthy @Reader’s Digest recently spoke to Longoria about what motivated her to undergo this body-contouring treatment, her favorite way to work out and the one daily practice that supports her mental health. “It’s not like I do an hour,” she says. “But I do it.”

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Eva Longoria on “feeling good” as a mom

The Healthy @Reader’s Digest: A lot of women will relate to your journey as a mom, especially as the average age of women giving birth is at a record high, according to 2022 US Census Data. For women who may be navigating motherhood at a time that’s becoming much more of a norm, could you share a little about your experience of becoming a first-time mom in your forties?

Eva Longoria: I don’t think I planned it. I wasn’t like, “Let me wait till my forties so I can be financially secure.” It was just who I met and when it happened. But I have an appreciation for it. Once Santi was born, he was the center of my universe. I mean, he is the center of my universe. And so for me, I just go, “Oh my God, thank God I did my career, and my friends, and my partying, and my traveling.” And I still travel and work, but it’s just a different focus now.

The Healthy: Even with all that, you clearly fit in time for self-care. What inspired you to get involved with InMode, and what would you tell people who are curious about using this system?

Eva Longoria: Nobody is going to beat aging. I’m not doing any anti-aging things. But as you go along life, the technology has been so amazing in the last decade in regards to skincare, and healthcare, and just taking care of your bodies, that why not take advantage of that technology? A lot of women want to feel good in their skin. And so what happened with me was I had Santi, and I gave myself a lot of time to be grateful to my body for producing a human being. So I wasn’t rushing to get back to the way I was before, or How fast is she going to bounce back? and all that. So he was almost a year old by the time I go, “OK, let me get back into my workout routine.”

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And then it was years later after I was working out regularly eating well, sleeping well, doing everything right, that I finally go, “Oh, I still have this saggy skin that I want to tighten up. How do you do that?” And I was talking to a mommy friend of mine and she was like, “Oh honey, you should do Morpheus8.” And I was like, “What? What is that?” And she said, “Oh, it’s this radio frequency that tightens the stomach, or face, or arms, or whatever, and it tightens the skin, and it tells your stomach to wake up and start making collagen again.” And I was like, “Oh wow.”

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Eva Longoria’s “mental health hour”

The Healthy: We love to hear a little bit about what your workout regimen looks like and if there’s any particular ways you love to get your body moving.

Eva Longoria: Yeah. I work out five, six times a week, but my workouts are my mental health hour. I really need that energy and endorphins in the morning to really function throughout the day. So I love that it obviously has great side effects of being in shape, but for me it really clears my mind and I’m a better mom, and I’m a better businesswoman, and I’m a better wife because I get those endorphins first thing in the morning.

So I started coming out of postpartum with bouncing. I love my trampoline workouts because it’s high-intensity but low-impact, and I don’t have the best knees. And I was like, “I can’t run anymore. What could I do that gets that sweat but isn’t so impactful on my body?” Bouncing on the trampoline was amazing. And it’s also great for your mind. It’s a lot of mental gymnastics as well with sequencing, and memorization, and it’s like a dance routine, and so it’s creative. I mean, it was really servicing everything I was looking for at the time. And then I supplement that with weight training. I do a lot of weight training with my trainer.

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Eva Longoria on “being the light”

The Healthy: Your energy is so powerful. What are some of your tips for feeling confident and empowered?

Eva Longoria: I personally get confidence from being educated about something, whether it’s directing, whether I’m going to act. Preparation for me makes me feel confident. If I’m going into a meeting, do I know what we’re talking about? Do I know the agenda? I just feel that for me, confidence stems from education.

The Healthy: What is the self-care practice that you refuse to skip? I know you mentioned exercise.

Eva Longoria:  Exercise is a big one, but also meditating. It’s just lifesaving, and I only do it five minutes a day. It’s not like I do an hour of meditation. No, sometimes I do it two minutes … but I do it.

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The Healthy: How has meditation made a difference for you?

Eva Longoria: It grounds you in your day. I do all these guided meditations, whether it’s Deepak Chopra’s tapes—or Marianne Williamson has amazing daily meditations, and one of hers the other day was, “I’m going to be the light today for everybody I encounter.” And you take that with you throughout your day so you’re not in a bad mood because you’re like, “Nope, I chose to be the light today. I’m going to be the good in the world today.”

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