Healthy Aging

Worried about getting old? Age gracefully with our tips and tricks to help you maintain your health as time passes.

How This 70-Year-Old Marathon Runner Stays Just as Fit as She Was at 20

She's been running marathons for 50 years and won't stop now.

This Faucet Will Change the Way You Think About Aging

With backyard wisdom, the author’s grandfather explains the secrets of aging and a life well-lived.

Can You Pass the Longevity Test?

This deceptively simple measure of flexibility and strength can predict if you will have a long life.

Do Overweight People Live Longer?

Here's the expert advice and lowdown on the latest studies on whether or not heavy people really do live longer.

5+ Keys to Living Longer and Better

Each of us can live strong, healthy, vibrant, energetic lives for a long time to come. The key? Actually, there...

Is Watching TV Shortening Our Lives?

A new Australian study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine indicates that watching TV is taking years off...

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Why Getting Older Means Getting Better

With age comes wisdom—or so the saying goes. According to a recent study in the Journal of Social Sciences and

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The Secret to Aging Gracefully

What does it take to age successfully?

The Resiliency Workout

Building resilience is no different from building fitness. You have to work at it regularly for the most improvement.

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4 Secrets to a Long Life

A new study debunks old myths about how to live to a ripe age.

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5 Strange Predictors of Good Health

Predictors of longevity are not always that easy to guess. See unusual factors that may determine your chance of getting...

How To Age Less

Learn how to trick your body into staying young.

New Ways to Live Longer

Take steps toward a longer, healthier life.