Healthy Aging

Worried about getting old? Age gracefully with our tips and tricks to help you maintain your health as time passes.

10 Foods You Should Avoid to Look (and Feel!) Younger

Along with increasing your risk for cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, these ten foods can cause inflammation, aches and pains, wrinkles, and accelerate the aging process, making you look and feel older than your are.

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11 Things People Who Live to 100 Have in Common

While the secret to eternal youth remains a mystery, the common characteristics of super seniors from around the world just...

Places in America Where People Live the Longest

One of the healthiest choices you can make is where you live—so you just might want to pick one of...

10 Health Tweaks You Need to Make in Your 40s

There's no denying it: You've reached middle age, and your body is responding in some new and unpredictable ways. Time...

10 Crucial Health Tweaks to Make by Your 50s

Your half-century mark is more than just a milestone birthday celebration. Preventive steps now can help you roar into your...

How What You’re Thinking Right Now Is Aging Your Body

You know about the power of positive thinking, but did you know that negative thoughts are powerful as well?

8 Foods That Can Make You Age Faster

Nutritionists share the foods you should avoid, from baked goods to alcohol, which can make you age faster.

The Best Diet for Every Decade

Just as your body changes over time, so does the nutrition that's best for it. Here's what to eat at...

8 Aging Myths That Everyone Needs to Stop Believing

Are a lower libido, achy joints, and a grumpy mood guaranteed side-effects of growing older? With these small lifestyle changes...

You Are a Completely Different Person at These Two Ages

Turns out, you form more than just a few wrinkles as you age.

Why Being Stubborn Might Just Help You Live Longer

When you were younger, you may have caught flak for being a stubborn child—but here's why having that trait might...

This Is How Your Lengthy To-Do List Is Actually Helping You Live Longer

Chores don't have to be drudgery—in fact, crossing things off your honey-do list may actually add years to your life,...

These 2 Bad Habits Can Make Your Face Look Way Older, Study Says

Hard living can lead to hard looks, according to new research. Are you at risk? Here's what you need to...

For Every Two Pounds You Gain, You Lose This Much Time Off Your Life

New research says the two biggest contributing factors to longevity are maintaining a healthy weight and a good education.

15 Senior Athletes Share the Secrets to Staying Fit Your Entire Life

These inspirational pros will get you up and moving.

If You Think You’re Lazy, Your Risk for THIS Goes Way Up

What if it didn't matter how active you actually were, but rather how active you think you are? That simple...

This Food Is the Key to a Long Life, According to the World’s Oldest Family

Plan on eating a bowl of this twice a day for the rest of your life.

Women With Larger Butts Could Live Longer, Science Says

Full disclaimer: Every body type is beautiful. But science says some bodies are healthier than others.

Christie Brinkley’s Age-Defying Secrets to Make 65 Look Like 34

The quintessential supermodel and ultimate Uptown Girl spills her tips to turning back the clock.

What These 7 Men Wish They Could Tell Their Younger Selves About Their Health

These 50-and-over men share their intimate struggles with health, fitness, and happiness. Learn from their from their hard-earned wisdom to...

Here’s How You Can Look and Feel Younger Right This Very Minute

Hint: It has to do with your favorite tunes!

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50 Reasons Why You’ll Age Better Than Your Parents

From new medical treatments to smarter nutrition, today's adults have a good shot at living healthier into old age

10 Secrets to Living a Long, Healthy Life as a “Super Ager”—According to Science

Super agers are a group of older adults who have cognitive abilities on par with people decades younger than them....

To Live Longer, Do This One Thing—According to the World’s Healthiest Village

Turns out, the secret to living longer is way simpler than you think.