20 Things You’re Never Too Old For

Updated: Mar. 14, 2022

You used to enjoy these childhood staples, and we've got news for you: Not only do you not have to give them up, but they're even better as an adult!


Eating an ice cream cone

Summer wouldn’t be complete without enjoying an ice cream cone while it melts down your your chin (and your hand). For maximum fun, don’t eat it the grown-up way —upside down in a bowl, with a spoon—but go all out with a sugar cone, sprinkles, and a cherry on top. Heck, bite the bottom of the cone first! These are 24 stay-young secrets from women who don’t age.


Coloring in a coloring book

Coloring books for adults have become a major trend lately, but there’s nothing faddish about breaking out the colored pencils, crayons, or chalks and creating a beautiful work of art. There’s something meditative about filling in all those black lines and blank spaces. Or, color outside the lines—no one is grading you this time, we promise. And don’t forget to hang the finished project in the place of honor on the fridge!


Going to Disney World

Disney theme parks have a reputation for being the number one kid destination, but that doesn’t mean adults can’t love them too. In fact, the more years you have, the more you appreciate things like their beautiful stage shows, the little thematic touches, the delicious food, and how far Tomorrowland has really come.


Jumping on a trampoline

There comes a point when, thanks to older bones and bladders, most of us give up on trampolines, but there’s a reason they’re so beloved by kids and that doesn’t change when you get older. Put simply, they feel like flying—and who doesn’t love that? Plus, they’re a great low-impact exercise, helping overweight adults shed pounds and improve their cardiovascular fitness, according to a study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness. Doing these 30 simple things will help boost your bones and stay young..


Telling a knock-knock joke

“Knock, knock.” “Who’s there?” “Cow.” “Cow wh-” “MOO!” “Cow who?” “It’s the interrupting cow!” They don’t always make sense and they often rely on terrible puns, but even the most calcified adult will crack a smile hearing a corny knock-knock joke. These are 15 habits you never knew were aging your brain.


Wearing skinny jeans

Strut your stuff in the latest skinny jeans—or wear a mini-skirt, a Hawaiian shirt, a crop top, white jeans, or a t-shirt with a wolf howling at the moon, if you feel like it. One of the greatest ironies of getting older is that by the time you finally get the confidence and money to wear any fashion item imaginable, people start telling you you’re too old to pull it off. Nonsense! Wear what you love and don’t worry about the naysayers. These 13 outfit tricks will make you look instantly younger.


Making mud pies

Remember the immense satisfaction of squishing mud through your fingers or shaping wet sand into castles? There’s a primal joy in playing in the dirt. But if you really don’t feel like pouring slop into your pie tins or using your colander at the beach, consider planting a flower or vegetable patch. After all, what is gardening if not playing in the dirt for grown-ups? (Psst… it can even boost your immune system, reducing your risk of allergies and protecting you from colds, according to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.)


Dyeing your hair turquoise

Funky hair colors aren’t just for angsty teens and animated trolls. Putting a little candy color on your hair is a great way to lift your spirits and start a conversation. Don’t have that understanding of a workplace or family? Try a little temporary dye on the weekend. Need a trim? Make sure not to make one of the hairstyle mistakes that can age your face.



Small children cry nearly every day and that doesn’t go down by much until puberty when suddenly we’re taught that it’s no longer acceptable to let the tears flow. By the time we’re adults, women cry about once a month while men cry about five times a year—and even then, over 60 percent of people say that men should only cry for “legitimate” reasons like a family tragedy, according to one survey. But crying is beneficial both psychologically and physically by releasing toxins, improving mood, boosting your immune system, and relieving stress, according to researchers. So in the words of another popular anthem among kids, “Let it go! Let it go! Don’t hold it back anymore!”


Licking a lollipop

Think your sugar needs to come in a grown-up approved form? While macarons and gelato are delicious, sometimes you just need the satisfaction of a treat that lasts for an hour (if you lick it) and turns your tongue blue.


Going to school

Learning something new isn’t just for young people trying to figure out the world or pick a career. Whether you’re finally indulging your love of watercolors or picking up a second language, everyone benefits from some new bit of knowledge or fresh skill. Even better, learning helps keep your brain biologically sharp and young, according to a study from the University of Texas. Did you know that what you’re thinking right know could be aging your body?


Starting a business

Always wanted to open your own art gallery? Get in on a tech start-up? Own a restaurant? Run kayak tours? The stereotype of a new business owner is one of a fresh-faced college kid with no obligations or fears, but this is inaccurate, according to a study done by Bloomberg Beta. Researchers analyzed the most successful new businesses and found that people over 40 are uniquely suited to be entrepreneurs, thanks to their life experience and large circle of connections.


Making a bucket list

Bucket lists aren’t just for daredevils or people with a terminal illness. In fact, the older you get, the better you know yourself and the more resources you have for making your dreams come true. These are eight myths about aging that everyone needs to stop believing.


Eating French fries dipped in a Frosty

Kids make all kinds of weird culinary concoctions (and then simultaneously freak out about their potatoes touching their peas), but as we get older we get set on what a “meal” is. But what is a recipe other than a bunch of random ingredients someone else decided were good together? Make your own kitchen concoctions!


Turning a cartwheel

Cartwheels are a skill like riding a bike: If you could do it as a kid, chances are you can still turn a cartwheel now. It might not earn you a perfect 10 score but going top over teakettle is a fun way to get your blood pumping. If cartwheels are too much, try somersaults, headstands, or some gentle yoga.  Getting upside down will help you see the world from a different perspective. Practicing these 50 everyday habits will instantly make you look younger.


Going to the zoo

Giraffes, lions, elephants, and anacondas are awe-inspiring creatures, period. Even the most well-traveled adult can find something at the zoo they’ve never seen up close before. You can gush over butterflies, wince at hairy spiders, and giggle at otters. Treat yourself to a frozen lemonade in a plastic gorilla cup while you’re at it—you’ve earned it.


Watching a fairytale cartoon

Sure there are animated films made for adults with socially relevant themes and deep symbolism. While those can be interesting, sometimes you just need some singing animals to make your day. There’s no shame in walking up to the ticket counter and saying “One adult for The Little Mermaid, please.”


Reading a young adult book

Young adult fiction has come a long way since Nancy Drew novels, and now you can find everything from dystopian romances to techno thrillers in the YA aisle. And often they’re written in a way to immediately capture your attention instead of making you wade through chapters of exposition and backstory. You’re also gonna want to check out these anti-aging treatments that even doctors use.


Eating a bug

Crickets, worms, and flies are usually the stuff of childhood dares or reality TV competitions, but it turns out that bugs are the newest culinary frontier, with chefs making delicious burgers, chips, bars, and even desserts out of creepy crawlies. Hey, they’re cheap, sustainable, and a great source of protein! Plus, you’ll still get all the bragging rights, just like when you were a kid.


Going down the slide at the park

Slipping and sliding by accident is embarrassing at best, painful at worst. But slipping and sliding on purpose, say at the park, is pure joy.