Nail Care

Weak nails? Check out our tips and treatments to make your nails stronger.

7 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Gel Manicure

Gel manicures offer a long-lasting, mega-watt shine. But are they safe? Do they destroy your nails? Here's what to know.

Are UV Nail Lamps Safe? What to Know When Getting a Gel Manicure

A new study from the University of San Diego highlights the dangers of the machines' UV rays.

The Worst Pedicure Mistake Doctors Say You Can Make

Keep your toes in tip-top shape by following this expert-advised golden rule. Plus, shop our vetted list of...

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6 Causes of Yellow Toenails and Treatments That Help

From toenail fungus to certain types of nail polish, these are the causes—and how to get rid of—yellow toenails.

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Here’s What It Means if You Have White Spots on Your Nails

White spots on your fingernails or toenails, called leukonychia, can have a variety of causes—from simply hitting your nail to...

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How Bad Is It to Bite Your Nails?

Experts explain why you shouldn't brush off your nail biting habit.

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Here’s What It Means If You Have Ridges on Your Nails

They don't make for the prettiest of manicures, but are they something more than a cosmetic problem? Here's what a...

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9 Easy Ways to Grow Strong, Beautiful Nails

Say goodbye to weak and brittle nails with these easy techniques that anyone can nail. (See what we did there?)

7 Everyday Habits You Didn’t Know Were Ruining Your Nails

The source of your brittle nails could be your daily routine.

What Your Nail Biting Habit Really Says About Your Personality

Hint: It goes beyond coping with stress and anxiety.

How to Finally Stop Biting Your Nails

This common nervous habit can leave your nails mangled, sore, and prone to infection. Here's how to stop biting nails...

16 Things Your Manicurist Is Secretly Thinking About You

From hygiene tips to dishy gossip: Everything your nail technician wishes they could say but doesn't.

7 Things Your Nails Can Reveal About Your Health

Changes to the shape, color, and texture of your nails are sometimes a sign of something serious.

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10 Surprising Conditions Your Hands Might Predict

From finger length to grip strength, our hands can indicate risk factors for a number of surprising conditions.

11 Health Secrets Your Hands Are Trying to Tell You

Give them a once-over. From a weak grip to long fingers and rashes to nail problems, your mitts are sending...

The Most Toxic Ingredients in Your Nail Polish—and Safer Formulas to Try Instead

You may love a smooth, shiny mani, but it's time to take a hard look at the potentially toxic ingredients...

The Scary Thing Nail Polish Does to Your Body 10 Hours After You Apply It

This is bad news for all you devoted mani-pedi lovers out there.

Warning: Many Nail Salons Are Using This Cancer-Causing (and Widely Illegal!) Ingredient

You need to be aware of some serious dangers in the nail industry.

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The Truth on What Collagen Really Does for Your Skin, Hair, and Bone Health

Collagen pills are hailed by some as elixirs for skin, hair, and nail health. But do they actually work, or...

7 Nail Polish Colors Every Woman Should Own

From ballet slippers pink to Revlon Red, these are the polishes that belong in your beauty arsenal.

13 Tips to Get Healthy, Gorgeous Nails

From what to eat for beautiful nails to how to file them to perfection.

What to Eat for Pretty Nails

From our newly revised best-selling book, Foods that Harm, Foods that Heal: These foods beat dry, brittle nails and restore...

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Quick Tips for Healthy Hair and Strong Nails

Hair Wash your hair in Listerine. Why? Because your hair stinks. No, not really. Turns out that Listerine is an

10 Tips for Strong and Healthy Nails

Follow these tips on how to make your nails stronger and healthier, on your hands and your toes.