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10 Foods for Healthy Hair That Can Make You Look Gorgeous

Eat 'em, rub 'em on: either way, your mane will thank you.

Ran Out of Deodorant? 11 Homemade Versions You Can Try

Don’t let an empty deodorant stick stop you from feeling fresh! These DIY deodorants can perform deodorizer double duty when...

8 Things That Dermatologists Do Every Fall That You Don’t

The fall season means pumpkin-flavored everything, football, flannels, hayrides—and dry skin. Here are skin-care tips from dermatologists to protect your...

Laser Treatment: Powerful Benefits for Skin and More

These concentrated beams of light can do everything from remove hair to help with physical therapy.

8 Flawless Makeup Tricks to Help You Look Less Tired

Freelance makeup artist and 'Reader's Digest' photo editor Emma Kapotes demonstrates how to fake well-rested skin for those days when...

Eucalyptus Oil: How It Heals

You can use eucalyptus oil to treat everything from bad breath and body odor to bronchitis and colds and flu.

Get Your Best Bikini Wax: 6 Steps to Take Before and After Your Appointment

Everything you need to do to get a painless, smooth wax.

8 Things Dermatologists Do Every Summer That You Don’t

Insider advice for glowing, low-cancer-risk skin

13 Tips to Get Healthy, Gorgeous Nails

From what to eat for beautiful nails to how to file them to perfection.

7 Essential Tips for People Who Use Heat on Their Hair Every Day

Flat iron addict? Get sleek, shiny hair without damage with these tips from pro stylists and dermatologists.

9 Things Your Sweat Says About Your Health

Sweat can tell you more about your fitness level and mood than you might think.

8 Nighttime Habits of People With Great Skin

The best evening skin-care practices to help you wake up with your best face forward tomorrow morning.

7 Morning Habits of People With Great Skin

Here’s what people with beautiful, ageless skin do in the morning to put their healthiest, radiant faces forward.

Beauty Tricks to Steal From Your Kitchen

Forget spending money on fancy facials and pricey products. Some of the best natural beauty secrets for glowing skin and...

6 Health Products That May Be a Waste of Your Money

From mouthwash to eyedrops, consider rethinking these medicine cabinet mainstays.

5 Hair Myths We All Need to Stop Believing (and 3 Surprising Truths)

What really makes hair grow, fall out, change color, and more fascinating facts about how to best care for healthy...

Summer Skin: The Rules Have Changed!

Forget what you may have heard in the past; dermatologists have new advice to help protect your skin from the...

Personal Hygiene: What’s Harmful, What’s Helpful

When it comes to your personal hygiene, we break down which common grooming habits you can miss and which you...

3 Summer Skin Problems, Solved

Relief is on its way with research-backed solutions for these common summer skin problems.

What to Eat for Pretty Nails

From our newly revised best-selling book, Foods that Harm, Foods that Heal: These foods beat dry, brittle nails and restore...

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13 Embarrassing Health Questions and Answers

Question: My feet smell terrible! I’m worried that other people will notice. What can I do? You need to keep

Avoid These 4 Skin Wreckers

1. Stop smoking Next to the sun, smoking is the second biggest skin wrecker. Heavy smokers are almost five times

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How to Moisturize Your Skin in the Shower

How you wash, cleanse, and moisturize becomes more important as you get older. Here’s how you should be spending your

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Fast Fixes for Winter Woes

If your lips are chapped, your mood grim, and your skin itchy, it must be midwinter. Your drugstore would like

13 of Your Most Embarrassing Health Questions Answered

1. My husband claims he can’t control his loud, frequent belches. Should he see a doctor? Rafter-rattling burps can be

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Quick Tips for Healthy Hair and Strong Nails

Hair Wash your hair in Listerine. Why? Because your hair stinks. No, not really. Turns out that Listerine is an

Make Your Skin Naturally Glow

Learn how to make your skin glow.