8 Clear Frame Glasses for Men or Women

Updated: Oct. 20, 2021

The best clear frame glasses are the ones that fit properly for maximum comfort. Here are some trendy options. Plus, how to find glasses that fit, according to optometrists.

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Why buy clear frame glasses?

Just as fashion changes, so do eyewear trends. Once-spurned giant “geek” frames are now chic and celebrated. The black horn-rimmed glasses from the 1950s are now classics. And in recent years, clear-frame glasses have burst onto the scene.

You might be looking for new eyeglasses for several reasons. Some people wear clear, non-prescription lenses for aesthetic purposes. Most people have eyeglasses for one of the three reasons listed by the National Eye Institute:

  • age-related farsightedness (a sneaky sign you need reading glasses)
  • nearsightedness or farsightedness
  • a combination of nearsightedness and farsightedness (requiring bifocal lenses)

If you’re in the market for new specs and curious about clear frame glasses, here are some factors to consider, plus a few popular examples that meet the experts’ criteria.

How to choose the right pair of clear frame glasses

Eye doctors know it can take some trial and error to find the right pair of glasses.

When you’re experiencing signs that you need new glasses, optometrists Amanda Korth, OD, and Monica Hazien, OD, say it’s important to consider these three factors.

Check for adjustability

Unless you can ensure a perfect fit for your face measurements, it’s best to choose frames with some level of adjustability. Adjustable components include nose pads and arm length or arm flexibility. While most metal frames come with adjustable nose pads, many clear frame glasses do not.

“Plastic frames cannot be adjusted at the nose area and will slowly settle,” Dr. Korth says.

“And the biggest thing we are noticing on cheap online frames is there is no metal within the plastic to hold an adjustment.”

She adds that even the heat from your skin can affect the way plastic frames sit on your face, which could cause issues if you are wearing prescription clear frame glasses.

Size matters

The temples—the “arms” of your glasses—should extend back far enough to fit comfortably over your ears. The width of your frames also matters for both comfort and vision correction.

If you are purchasing progressive or bifocal lenses, Dr. Hazien recommends choosing a longer or larger frame.

“A very small frame will not work for this type of prescription,” she says.

Consider the distance between your eyes and the lenses

“The distance between the patient’s cornea and their eyeglass lenses is important, but becomes more significant with high prescriptions,” Dr. Hazien says.

So if you’re buying clear frame glasses as a fashion statement, there is no need to worry about the distance between your eyes and the lenses.

If you are buying clear frame glasses to wear daily for eyesight correction, however, schedule an appointment with your optician for a fitting.

“You need to have the frame physically on your face,” Dr. Korth says.

“I have seen [incorrect distance] cause major headaches, as the eyes are constantly fighting to find that best vision.”

The best clear frame glasses for men and women

Whether you’re searching for men’s or women’s clear frame glasses, they serve the same purpose.

To help you narrow down your options, we scoured the internet for the most popular and highly rated clear frame glasses for both prescription and nonprescription lenses. Here’s what we found.

COASION Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Women (Transparent)

Coasion Blue Light Blocking Glasses For Womenvia amazon.com

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COASION‘s clear frame glasses for women encase a pair of lenses that block blue light. Blue light glasses like these claim to reduce digital eye strain, which could also help combat insomnia.

These plastic frames with metal temples are sturdy. Take your pick of silver or gold. Note that some reviewers say these frames are best for smaller faces.

TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses (Transparent)

Tijn Blue Light Blocking Glassesvia amazon.com

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TIJN‘s blue light glasses are unisex. The frame is larger than COASION’s clear frame glasses, with a round shape and slightly horned rim.

As a bonus, they have spring hinges that let the temples flex beyond a 90-degree angle. This increases durability and allows for flexibility if the frames don’t precisely fit your face.

Warby Parker Felix (Crystal with English Oak Temples)

Warby Parker Felix Glassesvia warbyparker.com

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Warby Parker is best known for its Home Try-On program, which lets shoppers test five glasses frames at home for five days before purchasing a pair. This is critical to nailing a good fit since the company is primarily an online retailer.

These men’s clear frame glasses are made from cellulose acetate and offer a sophisticated twist on the trend: wooden temples. It’s a perfect look for fashion-forward eyewear that still stands out from the crowd.

(Here’s advice on how to buy glasses online.)

Warby Parker Haskell (Crystal with Maple)

Warby Parker Haskell Glassesvia warbyparker.com

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If you like their clear frame men’s glasses, you’ll like their women’s frames, too. Also made from polished cellulose acetate, Warby Parker‘s Haskell frames are clear with a hint of a tortoiseshell pattern on the inner rims.

With slim temple arms and frames available in three widths (as is the Warby Parker Felix), there’s a good chance you’ll find a good fit.

Zenni Optical Rectangle Glasses (Clear)

Zenni Optical Rectangle Glassesvia zennioptical.com

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If you’re looking for affordable clear frames, Zenni is your best bet. With more than 1,000 Google reviews averaging 4.5 stars, this pair of clear frame glasses will set you back less than $10.

As of this article’s publication, the price includes clear frames, basic prescription lenses, and an anti-scratch UV coating.

Felix Gray Faraday

Felix Gray Faraday Glassesvia felixgray.com

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These unisex Felix Gray blue light glasses are available with prescription, nonprescription, and reader lenses. The Faraday clear frames have a wide fit, according to the company. Spring hinges add durability to a classically shaped acetate frame.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster (Transparent)

Ray Ban Clubmaster Transparent Glassesvia ray-ban.com

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When you’re shopping for clear frame glasses, sometimes the options all start to look the same. Fortunately, Ray-Ban offers something a little different.

The brand’s Clubmaster frames blend classic wire-rim glasses with clear frame glasses. Even better: These clear frames include adjustable nose pads, which is unusual with this aesthetic. Take your pick between standard or large frames for a picture-perfect fit.

SOJOS Retro Semi-Rimless Half Horn Rimmed Eyeglasses (Clear)

Sojos Retro Semi Rimless Half Horn Rimmed Eyeglassesvia amazon.com

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Though Amazon categorizes these SOJOS frames as women’s eyewear, both male and female reviewers rave about the clear frame glasses’ style and ability to block blue light. Soft silicone nose pads offer adjustability, too.

What makes these outstanding is the distinct clear frame set atop gold metal rims. Though the front of the frames is not entirely clear, the temples are.

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