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10 Best Slip-On Sneakers for Women, According to Podiatrists

Foot doctors share their recommendations for the best slip-on sneakers for women. Comfy, convenient, cute, and good for your feet? Sign us up!

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The difference between slip-on sneakers and traditional sneakers

While tying your shoelaces might seem like a simple, mundane task, not having to do it makes putting on shoes that much simpler. And honestly, it’s more than just a convenience for some people, who really need to have an easier option. “Slip-on shoes are a good option for someone who can’t bend down, someone with arthritis, or a busy mom because they’re easy to get on,” says Leo Krawetz, DPM, FACFAS, president of Healthy Feet Podiatry in Tampa. “They are protective to the foot, and they stabilize the foot much better than a flip flop or walking barefoot.” They can be helpful to a lot of people.

“Convenience and practicality are the name of the name game here,” says Andy Brief, MD, board-certified orthopedic surgeon at Ridgewood Orthopedic Group in Ridgewood, New Jersey. “Slip-on shoes eliminate the potential risk of tripping on unwound laces, and afford the benefit of easy on/easy off.”

But you may be wondering, are slip-on sneakers as supportive and good for your feet as a traditional sneaker? “Traditionally, slip-on sneakers had been made by manufacturers with perhaps less attention being paid to structure and support,” says Dr. Brief. “But as the market share for slip-on shoes has grown, more attention has been paid to proper arch and heel support in these products.” (Podiatrists share the best walking shoes for your feet.)

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What to look for when buying slip-on sneakers

The key features to look for in a slip-on sneaker: Arch support and proper heel cushioning. “Don’t be on the lookout for a ‘bargain’ with slip-on shoes,” says Dr. Brief. “You usually get what you pay for, so if it seems too cheap, it probably is priced accordingly.”

Balance and stability are important as well, adds Dr. Krawetz. “Foot stability in a closed-in shoe is important to prevent heel and arch pain, tendonitis, and stress fractures, which can all occur when walking barefoot or in flip flops,” he says.

Want to try a pair of slip-on shoes? To help take the guesswork out of the equation, we asked Dr. Brief and Dr. Krawetz to share their thoughts on some of the best slip-on sneakers for women. (Also, check out the best slippers for your feet.)

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Altra Footwear Tokala 2


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“Altra shoes are known for having wide toe boxes—a shoe with a huge benefit for individuals—and athletes—with a wide forefoot,” says Dr. Brief. “If you have a bunion or bunionette, which is a bunion on your ‘small toe,’ or 5th metatarsal, this is a good shoe to look into.” Dr. Krawetz agrees, adding that the wide toe box is helpful for those with hammertoe as well. Altra is also known for making “zero drop” shoes, meaning that the heel and forefoot are at an equal distance to the ground. “The zero drop feature encourages a midfoot strike during the gait cycle, which can help with better posture and alignment of the spine,” says Dr. Brief.

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Olukai Pehuea


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Calling those who tend to have extra sweaty feet than most. Slip on this pair that has cut-outs throughout the uppers. “Perforations are helpful to allow for breathability, an important feature in a shoe that you’re planning to wear all day and anticipate some perspiration,” says Dr. Brief. “The collapsible back has the benefit of preventing friction of the shoe against the back of the heel, which is helpful in patients who have insertional tendonitis of the Achilles.”

dr. scholl's dazed slip on sneakervia

Dr. Scholl’s Dazed


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Not only will you enjoy the subtle pattern on these slip-ons, but the soft leather also won’t leave your feet blistered and sore. Plus, the shoes have an anatomical footbed, which Dr. Brief explains allegedly builds in anatomically contoured features to deliver a glance of comfort and support. “This is akin to designing a shoe based on the natural imprint one would leave in the wet sand when walking on the beach,” he says.

sperry crest vibe plushwave sneakervia

Sperry Crest Vibe PlushWave Pin Perf Leather


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Made of soft, premium leather that features tiny holes, these shoes give the look of a laces shoe, without the need to actually bend down and tie the laces, thanks to the pre-made barrel ties that stay put. “The shoes have a ‘memory foam’ insole which is a term many brands use to promote thicker, more cushioned soles, while maintaining a lightweight feel to the shoe,” explains Dr. Brief. “This technology is often good for patients with heel pain, or plantar fasciitis, and flat feet.”

vionic demetra slip on sneakervia

Vionic Demetra Snake


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If you’re looking for ample arch support, look no further. This slip-on has just that, as well as a removable footbed, which you can replace with an orthotic if you choose. The shoe is a bit thicker, thanks to all the added support in the midsole and outsole. “This is a great slip-on shoe because the thicker soles allow for extra shock absorption,” says Dr. Krawetz. “The arch support and semi-rigid back to the heel allows for excellent foot stability, and the soft upper of the shoe allows for swelling and makes them more comfortable for those with arthritis.”

rockport truflex slip on sneakervia

Rockport Trueflex Parissa Loafer


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If you have good balance, and don’t need extreme support, these loafers may be a good fit for you. The fabric upper is stretchy enough to easily pull on even the highest of arches.” Stretchy woven kit shoes can provide more comfort at a lighter weight, just with less bells and whistles when it comes to structure,” says Dr. Brief.

skechers go walk slip on sneakervia

Skechers Performance Go Walk 5 – Wonderful


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You won’t have to worry about smelly, stinky shoes any longer when you slide into this machine washable pair. There’s added padding in the heel, too, and the upper is cut shorter, which Dr. Brief says can favor those with high arches who often struggle with heel pain and discomfort along the lateral border of the foot and underneath the metatarsals. “The cushioned sole and breathable insole are well-suited for walking exercise, too,” he says.

oofos oomg slip on sneakervia

OOFOS OOmg Low Fibre


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These shoes were created as a recovery slip-on post-workout because of their immense amount of support and low-profile design. The company claims that the foam technology absorbs 37 percent more impact than traditional footwear. “The rubber sole is helpful for traction,” says Dr. Brief.

crocs revivia slip on sneakervia

Crocs Reviva Slip On


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Looking for a pair of shoes that you can easily slip on and wear around the house so you don’t have to go barefoot? Dr. Brief recommends this pair for that—though they can of course be worn outdoors as well. The footbeds have built-in air bubbles to provide your feet with an added bounce, a little massage, and a bit more comfort with each step you take.

keen elena slip on sneakersvia

Keen Elena Slip-On


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Not only will your feet feel good in this pair of shoes, but you’ll feel good knowing that the shoe is made up of 20-percent recycled materials, making them both foot- and eco-friendly as well. On both sides, you’ll enjoy the stretch fabric, that allows for a more personalized fit. And if you happen to have a wider foot, the shoe and toe-box are built for it.


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