Nate Berkus Just Shared His #1 Best Design Secret for a Better Night’s Sleep

Updated: Jul. 07, 2022

The iconic home designer, husband, and father of two shares his family's tips for powering down that help him power through. The Healthy @Reader's Digest exclusive.

If you’re a little extra busy this time of year, Nate Berkus can relate. Between the two school-aged kids and HGTV show he shares with his husband, Jeremiah Brent, this icon of home design runs like any multi-tasking parent and professional. “Like many people out there, my life is a constant juggle of time and schedules,” Berkus tells us.

With a pace like this, he says, restful nights are crucial. “Being able to be the best version of myself absolutely starts with me prioritizing rest. Everything else flows from there.” (Meanwhile, his morning helper? “Coffee!”)

With his new partnership, Beautyrest by Nate Berkus, Nate’s working to put a good night’s sleep in closer reach for all of us. (“This is the first time I’ve ever designed a mattress and pillows!” he says.) Here, he lets The Healthy @Reader’s Digest readers in on exactly how he scores truly restorative rest (and makes sure his kiddos do, too!).

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Nate Berkus’s favorite new mattress feature

Nate Berkus Beautyrest mattress in a bedroomCourtesy Beautyrest

Berkus’s new Beautyrest collection has it all: mattresses, pillows and mattress protectors, each carefully designed to deliver a cool, comfortable night’s sleep. “[Beautyrest] are leaders when it comes to sleep technology, and they share my belief that people should never have to choose between comfort and style,” Berkus tells us. “It’s been really fun to marry what I bring from the world of design to the expertise Beautyrest brings to the world of sleep.”

His favorite part of the line? It uses SEAQUAL fabric technology, which upcycles recovered plastics from the ocean into a “durable and luxurious fabric” for your bed. According to Berkus, each queen mattress represents 50 plastic bottles recovered from the ocean. (We love that!)

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Secrets to a better bedtime

At ages four and seven years old respectively, Berkus’s children, Oskar and Poppy, are at peak bedtime-procrastination ages. To help manage this, Berkus says the family carves out windows for everyone to relax together at certain periods throughout the week: “We do rest time in the afternoons on the weekends, which can involve all of us piling into bed and watching a favorite movie or reading a favorite book.”

But he also makes sure there’s a solid routine—and rules—in place every night. “Our kids are both bathed and read to every single night, and we usually take turns,” Berkus says. “But I think most importantly Poppy and Oskar were taught from day one that once they are in their beds, they can get up to go to the bathroom, but that’s it.”

As for himself, Berkus says he always has two or three books on his bedside table to help quiet his mind. Check out The 10 Best Health Books of 2022: Therapists and Readers Rate the Bestselling Wellness Books So Far This Year

But, what’s Nate Berkus’s biggest bedtime tip? Surround yourself in a space that puts your mind at ease. “Declutter and organize your space,” he says. “You’d be amazed at what a difference it will make.” 

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