Kidney Conditions

Kidney conditions are serious. Learn about kidney infections and kidney disease, causes, and symptoms.

Is Cranberry Juice Good for Your Kidneys?

Cranberry juice may help prevent a urinary tract infection, but whether the juice is good for your kidneys depends on how much you drink.

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What It Means If You Have Foamy Urine or Bubbles in Your Pee

A few bubbles in your pee is normal. But foamy urine could be due to protein in your urine or...

One Man Was in Desperate Need of a Kidney Transplant—Then His Longtime Friend Realized He Was a Match

Jim almost didn't attend the reunion with his Air Force buddies. His decision to go saved his life.

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This Is How Long It Takes to Pass a Kidney Stone

Kidney stones can happen to anyone. Here's how long it may take to pass one.

7 Innocent Mistakes That Put Your Kidneys in Trouble

If your kidneys aren't working properly, you could also raise your risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

11 Silent Signs You Have a Kidney Infection

Head to your doctor for antibiotics if you're showing these signs that a urinary tract infection has traveled to...

42 Signs Your Kidneys Are in Big Trouble

More than 26 million Americans suffer from kidney disease—from kidney stones to infections to cancer. Learn the signs that your...

This Woman’s Facebook Page Has Saved 23 Lives By Matchmaking Kidney Donors

Her husband's kidney failure turned into a life-saving Facebook campaign.

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Why Are Kidney Stones So Painful? Two Women Share Their Journeys

Two women share their painful ordeals dealing with kidney stones. Doctors discuss causes, possible prevention, and treatments.