Easy Ways to Boost Your Mood

Updated: May 23, 2016

Even the most optimistic people can use a mood boost every once in awhile. Taking an extra moment for yourself

Even the most optimistic people can use a mood boost every once in awhile. Taking an extra moment for yourself will make your day brighter and give you a healthier outlook on life. Here are ten simple ways you can bring a little happiness into your life right now:

1. Go for a walk
Grab your dog, best friend, or your significant other and head out on a brisk walk. Just a little bit of exercise can boost your mood and give you a fresh perspective on problems that have been bothering you. Think walks are boring? Try walking to a place that seems exciting to you. Take a trip to the mall and walk a few laps around this season’s sales, or even walk to get some frozen yogurt. Make it a fun trip and you’ll surely make it part of your routine.

2. Give it a rest
DVR late-night television and head to bed earlier. Increasing your amount of sleep can reduce your stress level and leave you feeling energized to tackle your day when you wake up.

3. Thank someone
Acknowledge something that someone has done for you and send a note or a small bouquet of flowers. You’ll put a smile on their face and yours.

4. Compliment a stranger
Love her hair color? Dying to know where he got that awesome hat? Tell someone that you like something that they have and you’re guaranteed to brighten their day. Seeing good things in others will help you start to see good things in yourself. Who knows, you may get an unexpected compliment.

5. Plan a vacation
Getting bogged down with our daily routines can send us into a rut, causing us to look at things negatively. Booking a trip near or far away will give you something to look forward to, and the break from your normal routine will  help you to see your life a little more clearly.

6. Buy something silly
After all, laughter is the best medicine. Pick up something that makes you laugh like a funny picture, book, magazine, or a DVD of your favorite stand-up. You could even plan a date night out to a comedy club. Giving yourself time to laugh boosts feel-good endorphins.

7. Get a chair massage
Ten minutes of relaxation can do wonders. Instead of eating lunch at your desk, take a walk to the local nail salon for a short chair massage. Your neck and back will thank you and you’ll feel relaxed the rest of the day.

8. Wear your favorite color
Have a passion for red? Love cool blues? Wear your favorite color, the one that brings out your beautiful eyes, and you’ll walk a little taller and smile throughout the day.

9. Tackle a problem
Boost your confidence by completing a particularly hard crossword or Sudoku puzzle. Maximizing your brain power and doing something challenging will help you to have a more confident outlook on life.

10. Model behavior
Take a photo of yourself doing something you enjoy, like roller skating, skiing, swimming, playing an instrument, or being with friends and family.  Place the picture on your desk to remind yourself that you lead an amazing life and have lots to be happy about.

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