10 Best Olive Oil Sprays and Spray Bottles Worth Trying

Updated: Aug. 04, 2021

Looking to buy an olive oil cooking spray, but not sure what to get? Here are the olive oil sprays and reusable spray bottles that experts recommend.

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Is olive oil spray worth trying?

Cooking with oil can add some healthy fat, calories, and delicious flavor to your meal, but the amount is sometimes hard to control.

Nonstick cooking sprays are super convenient, but they don’t always cut it when it comes to adding flavor.

That’s where olive oil spray comes in.

These cooking sprays allow you to distribute olive oil to your dishes in a streaming mist, so you can enjoy the flavor without overdoing the calories or having your food stick to the pan.

Here’s what you need to know about olive oil cooking spray and sprayers.

How does cooking spray work?

Cooking sprays allow you to use a thin oil mist on everything from baked goods to stir fry. This mist can help to prevent food from sticking to a pan or even enhance the flavor of a food.

Refillable cooking sprays allow you to use your own oil and transform it into a controlled mist.

In contrast, non-stick cooking sprays often combine oil with additional additives such as an emulsifier and anti-foaming agent to help prevent separation and allow for a more even spray.

Olive oil cooking spray vs. other cooking spray

When it comes to choosing an oil cooking spray, there are several, from olive oil cooking sprays to sprays made with avocado oil, coconut oil, and canola oil.

“The main difference between these is the oil,” explains registered dietitian Stacy Roberts-Davis, of Flavorful Nutrition. “The taste is different, and the oil is different.”

Your choice of oil will come down to how you want to cook with it. If you plan to use the oil at a higher temperature, such as frying, you will want to choose an oil with a higher smoke oil, such as avocado oil or sesame oil.

Extra virgin olive oil makes a great choice for low-temperature uses, such as providing flavor to a salad.

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The benefits of cooking with olive oil spray vs. olive oil

Olive oil cooking spray can offer a few key benefits when preparing meals.

“The cooking spray will add fewer calories and less fat to your finished dish than olive oil itself,” shares registered dietitian nutritionist Beth Stark, of BethStarkNutrition.

And the opportunity to distribute oil as a steady mist offers additional value as well.

“Olive oil cooking sprays allow you to divvy out the health benefits of olive oil across a wider spread such as spritzing on a salad instead of trying to toss it with olive oil only to find half of the oil at the bottom of the bowl when you finish mixing the ingredients,” adds registered dietitian Jonathan Isbill, of ZigZag Nutrition.

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The differences between aerosol and non-aerosol olive oil spray

The main difference between aerosol and non-aerosol olive oil spray is in the ingredients.

“An aerosol cooking spray may contain ingredients like additives and propellants that are necessary to achieve an evenly coated, fine mist of oil when sprayed,” explains Stark.

“Non-aerosol misters lack these ingredients, so the oil may not spray out as evenly or may sputter or shoot out in a stream which can be less than ideal when cooking.”

For those looking to consume olive oil in its purest form without additives, a non-aerosol mister may offer the best solution.

“Using a mister is generally more cost-effective and considered to be a more environmentally friendly option as well,” adds Stark.

The downside of olive oil sprayers

Using your own oil in a mister can be an appealing option to reduce calories without any additives. However, there can be a downside when it comes to flavor.

“Less olive oil can also mean less flavor,” shares Stark, “Olive oil lends a much more robust flavor which might be preferred depending on what’s being cooked.”

For example, cooking spray will do a fine job when making grilled cheese, French toast, or eggs, however, olive oil is better suited for sautéing vegetables, pan-frying chicken cutlets or fish or making stir fry, according to Stark.

For those who track their calorie intake, it is important to note that an olive oil cooking sprayer may not be completely consistent in the amount of oil it provides from one use to the next.

“There may be a slight difference in the calories and fat that come from using a mister if the oil doesn’t spray in fine droplets,” explains Stark.

However, this difference is typically minimal and still significantly less in calories than poured oil.

When to use olive oil cooking spray

Olive oil cooking sprayers can be used in a number of ways in the kitchen, from coating pans before cooking to flavoring foods.

“Olive oil sprays come in handy in baking, where you can quickly spray a baking sheet before layering on the food or coat food with a quick pass of the spray,” Isbill says.

“Using the spray helps to prevent excess stuck food or oil while adding flavor and health benefits to the meal.”

Again, for high-temperature usage such as frying or grilling, oils with a higher smoke point such as canola oil should be used.

However, olive oil sprays can be enjoyed on everything from salads, to baking, and even as a topping for snack foods such as popcorn.

The best olive oil cooking spray

If you are in the market for a reusable olive oil cooking spray bottles or olive oil cooking sprays, the options can seem overwhelming.

So, we asked top dietitians to weigh in on the best olive oil cooking sprays and share why they love them.

Chrider Olive Oil Sprayervia amazon.com

Chrider Olive Oil Sprayer

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One of the biggest complaints about refillable olive oil sprayers is that they do not always spray oil out in an even mist. However, the Chrider Olive Oil Sprayer aims to solve that problem.

“This olive oil sprayer seems to be a good choice as it claims to produce a fine and even spray without propellants and promotes less waste,” explains Stark.

As a bonus, this sprayer comes with its own cleaning brush and funnel, making it easy to refill and clean up with less mess.

Ourwarm Oil Sprayervia amazon.com

OurWarm Oil Sprayer

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The glass bottle and simple design of this sprayer make it easy to use and clean. With measurements incorporated right into the design, the OurWarm Oil Sprayer makes it easy to track and see just how much oil you are using as well.

“This reusable sprayer is a great option for experimenting with a variety of olive oils to find what works best for you,” shares Isbill.

Eroboo Olive Oil Sprayervia amazon.com

Eroboo Olive Oil Sprayer

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One of the biggest concerns with using a refillable oil sprayer is leakage. The Eroboo solves this problem by providing a locking clasp that protects against leaks, which makes this a great option for use at home or on the go.

“This sprayer is also a good choice as it claims to disperse the oil evenly onto cookware or foods, without resulting in a greasy coating,” shares Stark.

Misto Oil Sprayervia amazon.com


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Misto is one of the original refillable olive oil sprayers that continues to be popular for many of reasons. The non-aerosol sprayer has an easy pump that allows for even oil distribution.

In addition, its design is also beneficial at extending shelf life. “The olive oil will last longer in the darker, aluminum container,” explains Roberts-Davis.

And at one of the lowest price points of all the reusable olive oil sprayers we looked at, this brand may work for all budgets.

Dwellza Kitchen Olive Oil Dispenservia amazon.com

Dwellza Kitchen Olive Oil Dispenser

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This glass sprayer from Dwzellza with a stainless steel spout comes in two sizes, making it a versatile option for how much olive oil you typically use.

“I love that this olive oil sprayer looks elegant enough to keep on the counter during an event or gathering while allowing you to minimize waste,” shares Isbill.

As a combination of dispenser and mister, you can use this set as the perfect salad combination to fill one with olive oil and one with vinegar.

Evo Oil Sprayervia amazon.com

Evo Oil Sprayer

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The dual nozzle of this Evo sprayer allows you to use it as a fan spray or aerosol without any additives, which is why both professional chefs and home cooks love this brand.

The stainless steel, dark bottle may help to extend the shelf life of your oil over clear glass alternatives, while the simple design makes it easy to hold and clean.

Itrunk Olive Oil Sprayervia sears.com

iTrunk Olive Oil Sprayer

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This multifunctional iTrunk olive oil sprayer comes in a set of two, allowing you to use one for oil and the other sprayer for flavorings such as vinegar, wine, or even lemon juice.

“This sprayer is made from glass, so it is environmentally friendly,” shares Roberts-Davis.

Although transparent style with an easy-to-read scale design makes it simple to see how much oil you use, do keep in mind that it can have a slight downside.

“The clear container will cause the oil to go rancid faster, so I would recommend making smaller batches of oils,” adds Roberts-Davis.

La Tourangelle Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sprayvia amazon.com

La Tourangelle Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray

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Although the experts prefer reusable olive oil sprayers, it’s OK to opt for the disposable kind if you can find ones that are non-aerosol and contain no propellants.

This option from La Tourangelle hits all the marks as it’s a non-aerosol, chemical-free, and alcohol-free spray.

Mantova Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sprayvia amazon.com

Mantova Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray

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The design of the Mantova Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray is a “bag in bottle” system. It helps people spray lightly and evenly without any propellants, aerosols, or additives.

Pompeian Usda Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Non Stick Cooking Sprayvia amazon.com

Pompeian USDA Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Non-Stick Cooking Spray

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This eco-friendly, non-stick cooking olive oil spray from Pompeian is another option that contains no propellants or artificial additives.

Plus, they harvest the olives in a way that helps protect the natural antioxidants, according to the manufacturer.

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