It’s important to know what you’re putting into your body. Learn about nutrition for healthy eating.

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Does Turmeric Live Up to All Its Hype? New Research Reveals Surprising Answer

Turmeric has achieved star status as an antioxidant, thanks to its legendary healing properties, but new findings question the claims.

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6 Things Nutrition Experts Wish You Knew About Choline

Choline may not get as much buzz as other nutrients, but the science is pretty clear about why we should...

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What Really Happens to Your Body When You Use Energy Drinks

Before you pop open another can of Red Bull, you should know the not-so-innocent effects energy drinks can have on...

This Type of Vitamin D Is Twice as Effective as the One You’re Taking

Did you know that there's more than one kind of vitamin D? Until now, it's been unclear which one is...

Why You Should Stop Eating Vegetable Chips ASAP

Might as well go back to your Lay's habit.

10 Life-Changing Reasons to Buy a Jar of Manuka Honey

This hyped honey is much more than a sweet treat—it's a medical-grade blast of goodness.

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8 Problems All Coffee Lovers Understand—and How to Fix Them

Your afternoon latte might seem like a lifesaver, but its actually wreaking havoc on your teeth, stomach, and more. Here's...

Coconut Oil Is Not a Superfood—and 6 Other Reasons You Need to Stop Cooking with It

With all the buzz about coconut oil, you'd think it was the elixir of life and the fountain of youth...

Bought Grass-Fed Beef Recently? You’ll Want to Read This

That label might not mean what you think.

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20 Meal Prep Hacks That Can Reap Some Serious Nutrition Benefits

If you've been preparing healthy meals the same way for years, here are some food-prep tweaks that maximize the nutrition...

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Yes, You CAN Eat Carbs and Be Healthy—Here’s Why

Increase your carb intake with these nutritionist-approved healthy carbs that can give your health a boost.

10 Frozen Meals You Can Feel Good About Feeding Your Kids

Frozen dinners get a lot of heat for being preservative-heavy calorie bombs, but not all are created equal.

A Coffee a Day Keeps Liver Cancer Away? New Findings Say Yes!

As if you needed another reason to love coffee...

The Latest “It” Antioxidant—Astaxanthin—Is a Fountain of Youth

Astaxanthin (pronounced asta-zan-thin) is the most powerful natural antioxidant you've never heard of.

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Do You Need a Probiotic? Here’s How to Find Out

Probiotics seem to offer multiple benefits ranging from a happy gut to clearer skin. So could you benefit? Here, the...

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50 Things Nutritionists Never Eat—So You Shouldn’t Either

Want to know what the experts avoid? Here's the list of foods, processed goods, ingredients, and chemicals that nutritionists won't...

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Nutritionists Reveal the Healthiest Ways to Hack the Starbucks Menu

Nutritionists share their tricks on how to hack the Starbucks menu for healthier drinks without sacrificing flavor.

The Real Reason Fiber is Such a Big Deal—and 4 Things That Happen When You Eat More of It

Get informed about the fabulous health benefits of dietary fiber – your body will love you for it!

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13 Nutrients Even Nutritionists Don’t Get Enough of

Yes, it's true—even nutritionists struggle to meet the recommended daily intakes of certain nutrients. Check out their challenges and solutions...

Exactly How Much Sun Do We Need to Be Healthy?

Go into summer prepared with new findings on how much vitamin D you really need.

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6 Supplements Doctors Say Women Can Stop Wasting Their Money On

Even if you follow a healthy diet, it's tempting to pop a multivitamin or supplement as "insurance." But guess what?...

Thinking About Popping a Vitamin D? Read This First

Health experts agree that Vitamin D is super-important to many systems in the body. But you shouldn't just grab a...

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What Top Fitness Instructors Really Eat to Refuel Post Workout

Fitness experts reveal how they refuel and recover after exercise with these go-to snacks, meals, and drinks.

Thinking of Taking a Protein Powder? 7 Tips to Finding the Best One for You

Buying a protein powder can be overwhelming, considering how many options are out there. Make it easier with these must-follow...

The Surprising Way Coffee Helps You Learn

You know it's delicious and keeps you alert, but new findings show that coffee can also improve your memory. Who's...

You May Be Low in This Super-Important Vitamin and Not Even Know It

Surprising numbers of Americans have low levels of vitamin D. Here's how to find out if you should get your...