It’s important to know what you’re putting into your body. Learn about nutrition for healthy eating.

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Can Dogs Eat Strawberries? Here’s What Veterinarians Say

Strawberries are a sweet, nutritious treat, especially in the spring and summer. But is it safe to feed

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Can Dogs Eat Mushrooms? Here’s What Experts Say

Some mushrooms, especially wild mushrooms, can be toxic to dogs. Here's what you should know about the safety of...

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Are Pine Nuts Good For You? Here’s What Nutrition Experts Say

Pine nuts are packed with nutrients and healthy fats. Learn more about the nutrition and benefits of these seeds...

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Soy MiIk vs. Almond Milk: How Does Their Nutrition Compare?

Following a plant-based diet and looking for a milk alternative? Here are the nutrition and benefits of soy milk...

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10 Things Nutritionists Need You to Know About Pineapple

Here's everything you need to know about pineapples, from nutrition and health benefits to tips for slicing up...

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Here Are the Calories, Protein, and Nutrition in Black Beans

These are the benefits of black beans, including the nutrition, protein, and calories, as well as how to buy, store,...

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Are Air Fryers Healthy? Here’s What Registered Dietitians Say

Air fryers are considered to be a healthful way to cook. Find out how air fryers compare to pan frying,...

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Are Pineapples High in Calories? Here’s What RDs Want You to Know

Pineapple is a sweet, low-fat fruit that can be a part of a healthy diet. Learn about the calories...

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Is Royal Jelly Good for You? 6 Things to Know

Potential royal jelly benefits make this bee product buzzworthy. But is it worth the expense?

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Should You Eat Buckwheat Groats? Here’s Why—and How to Cook With Them

Buckwheat groats are a gluten-free pseudograin high in protein, fiber, and minerals. Learn about their nutrition, benefits,...

What to Know About Tofu’s Nutrition, Calories, and Protein

Find out more about tofu's benefits and nutrition, including its protein, calories, and carbs. (Plus how to cook tofu,...

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Avocado Oil Mayo vs. Regular Mayo: Is One Healthier Than the Other?

Here are the nutrition and benefits of avocado oil mayonnaise, how it stacks up against regular mayo, and a...

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Corn vs. Flour Tortilla: Which One Is Healthier?

Some recipes may work best with corn, and you might prefer flour—but which tortilla is actually better for you?

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Can Dogs Eat Pineapple? Here’s What Veterinarians Want You to Know

Pineapple is a healthy treat for people—but is it safe for dogs? Here's what to know about sharing human food...

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Is Coconut Milk Good for You?

Coconut milk is a plant-based alternative to dairy. Learn about its nutrition, benefits, and potential risks, as well as...

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How Healthy Are Lentils? What Nutritionists Need You to Know

Lentils are popping up everywhere, including as pasta. But how healthy are they? Learn about their nutrients, benefits, and...

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Baobab Fruit: 10 Things Nutritionists Need You to Know

Baobab powder is full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and packed with fiber. Learn about its health benefits and...

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5 Benefits of Bulgur, a Whole Grain Nutritionists Love

Bulgur is a packed with protein, fiber, and vitamins and minerals. Here are the benefits of bulgur, how to...

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Is Wheatgrass Worth Trying? 8 Potential Benefits to Consider

Wheatgrass is a classic health food fad, but is it really as healthful as enthusiasts claim? Top nutritionists unpack the...

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6 Reasons Nutrition Experts Love Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit—aka pitaya—is packed with healthy nutrients. Learn exactly what this exotic fruit is, how to prepare it, and...

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6 Potential Benefits of Berberine You Should Know About

Berberine is a natural supplement said to have health benefits, from lowering blood sugar to helping weight loss....

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5 Reasons to Consider Chaga Mushrooms

Like the fungus they are, chaga mushrooms are spreading rapidly. Here's why you're seeing chaga tea, coffee, and supplements...

6 Antinutrients in Beans, Grains, and Veggies and How to Avoid Them

Antinutrients are naturally occurring plant compounds that can interfere with the body's ability to absorb nutrients. So should you...

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Does Matcha Have Caffeine? What to Know About Matcha’s Caffeine Content

Matcha tea is a wholesome beverage pick. Find out if it'll give you a caffeine jolt—and how much.

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8 Healthy Plant-Based Snack Ideas You’ll Actually Want to Eat

Snacking can be a good thing when done wisely. Find out what's in a wholesome, plant-based snack, then try...

What Is Processed Meat and Is It Bad for Your Health?

Processed meat, such as hot dogs, can contain chemical preservatives known to have harmful health effects. Here's what...

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Should You Try Chlorophyll? 4 Potential Benefits

Chlorophyll supplements, powders, and chlorophyll water are having a moment—but are they actually healthy?

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Is Pineapple a Citrus Fruit?

Pineapple is tangy and sweet, with plenty of vitamin C. But that doesn't make it a citrus fruit. Here's...

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This Is What a CSA Box Is—and 7 Ways It Can Improve Your Health

Got questions about community-supported agriculture? CSAs are a great way to get locally-grown produce, support local farms, and make your...