Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases are more common than you think. Learn about STD symptoms and facts.

I Tried a Home STD Testing Kit: Here’s What Happened

The day has finally come where you can get an at-home STD test—without a trip to your gyno. Should you give it a try?

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Do You Need an STD Testing Subscription?

Current is a new STD test subscription service that offers at-home tests for infections like chlamydia and gonorrhea. Who...

I Got HPV at Age 53—Here’s What I Wish I’d Known Earlier

After being newly divorced, Sue Linden (not her real name) was thrilled to have sex again. However, she soon learned...

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9 Secrets Your Vaginal Discharge Is Trying to Tell You

All that moisture is normal, but sometimes changes in odor, color, and consistency can be a sign that something else...

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11 Important Things Your Vaginal Discharge Can Reveal About Your Health

Yeah, vaginal discharge is kinda gross to think about. But paying attention can reveal key info.

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14 Facts About STDs That Could Save Your Life

Sexually transmitted diseases often have no symptoms. But if you don't treat or prevent them, they can be dangerous, leading...

Is HIV Home Testing a Game-Changer? Magic Johnson Thinks So

As the first over-the-counter HIV test becomes available nationwide, here's how it will really affect HIV diagnosis and treatment. Plus,...

30 Percent of Women Have This Down-There Infection—and They Don’t Even Know It

As many as one in three women will develop bacterial vaginosis (BV) at some point in their lives, but most...

These STDs Are at a Record High—Here’s Why You Might Be at Risk

A surge in reported cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis are putting STDs back on our watch list. Here's why...