Birth Control

Birth control is designed to prevent pregnancy, but how much do you really know about your options? Learn about side effects, effectiveness and more.

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Can a Menstrual Cup Displace an IUD? A Doctor Says It’s a “Growing” Concern

Some advances in women's health are brilliantly streamlining our lives...but one woman's story brings a hardly discussed—though increasingly common—issue into the spotlight.

6 Signs You Should Consider Switching From Birth Control Pills to an IUD

Long-acting IUDs offer many benefits over taking a daily birth control pill, including that you almost never have to...

9 Signs You’re on the Wrong Birth Control

Just like bras and tampons, birth control isn't one size fits all. Here's how to make sure you're using...

12 Things You MUST Know About Birth Control Pills If You Don’t Want to Get Pregnant — or Do!

Four of five sexually active women have used birth control pills. These are the facts their doctors hope they know.

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11 Things You Need to Know Before You Go Off Birth Control

Stopping the pill is not like quitting carbs or Netflix—the body changes can be dramatic, and you should know what...

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9 Contraception Myths That Could Put Your Health at Risk

Birth control is very effective when used correctly, but how you use it can affect your health and ability to...

You Need to Skip This Food Trend If You’re on Birth Control—or Face Major Consequences

If you use hormonal contraceptives to prevent pregnancy, you need to be extra careful when eating this foodie fad.