Cold and Flu

Do you have a cold, flu or something in between? Learn about flu and cold symptoms, medicine and remedies to get back in top shape in no time.

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11 Canker Sore Remedies to Reduce Inflammation and Heal Quickly

These ulcers on your tongue, gums or inside your lips or cheeks have a host of possible causes—allergies, injury, infection,...

7 Surprising Ways Your Body Responds to the Common Cold

Feeling irritable, moody, and unable to concentrate when you have a cold? It's not you being a grump—it's your body's...

10 Natural Cough Remedies that Are Worth Trying

Got a nagging cough? Before you reach for a drugstore suppressant, try one of these home remedies for soothing cough...

This Is the Reason Why Fevers Make You Feel Cold

It's not because of all those ice pops you ate for breakfast.

30 Everyday Mistakes That Raise Your Risk of Catching a Cold

No one wants to get sick, but somehow we always do. Here's what you could be doing better to stave...

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12 Things You Could Use in Your DIY Flu-Fighting Kit

Flu season is here! Be prepared with a flu-fighting kit filled with remedies recommended by health care professionals.

This Is Exactly How to Handle 14 Awkward Flu Season Situations

Top manners experts offer their tips on how to handle those excruciatingly uncomfortable (and germy) moments that pop up during...

7 Things Parents Should Know About the Flu in Children

Anyone who has endured the flu knows it isn't fun—and that's especially true of the flu in children. Here's how...

Eating These Foods May Help You Fight the Flu This Season

As soon as the leaves on the trees start turning, you can bet that it's cold and flu season. Here's...

12 Cold Sore Remedies You Didn’t Know You Could Make at Home

Look in your cabinets for some potential cold sore relief—and possibly ways to prevent future breakouts, too

To Shut Down Your Next Cold, Eat Some Southeast Asian Food

When you're feeling congested, a steaming hot bowl of Thai curry or some delicious Indian vindaloo might just help you...

Do You Need to Toss Your Makeup After a Cold?

Let's talk about germs on your favorite beauty products. Do you really need to throw out that prized, discontinued lipstick?

17 Natural Cold Remedies That Really Work

Turn your kitchen cabinet into a medicine cabinet with these home remedies for colds that feature herbs, spices, and other...

12 Tips for When You’re Too Darn Busy to Get Sick

Here, the immunity-boosting tips you need to stop from getting sick this cold and flu season.

How to Avoid a Red, Peeling Nose When You’ve Got the Sniffles

Constantly blowing your nose could leave you with a chapped nose. Here's how to prevent dryness and redness

How Bad Is It to Kiss Someone When They Have a Cold?

A good smooch is a nice thing with the right someone, but should you still pucker up if they're under...

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Lost Your Voice? Try These Tips to Treat Laryngitis Quickly

Colds and the flu are a primary cause for laryngitis. Get back up and communicating faster with this advice on...

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Here’s How to Take the Sting Out of Your Annual Flu Shot

No one likes a jab in the arm, but fear of flu shot pain shouldn't keep you from making this...

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Nose Always Running? 12 Surprising Reasons You Have the Sniffles

If you can’t stop reaching for the tissues, one of these causes might be behind your runny nose.

H1N1: A Report Card on the Swine Flu Pandemic of 2009-2010

This report sheds light on the swine flu pandemic of 2009-2010 and the lessons we can learn from it.

Flu Fighters: True Stories of the Swine Flu Pandemic

Surprising accounts -- and lifesaving lessons -- from the race to stay ahead of the virus sweeping the world.