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10 Best Diabetic Slippers for Men, According to Podiatrists

If you have diabetes, you can protect your feet with these podiatrist-recommended slippers for men. Get the warmth, comfort, and arch support you need while you're relaxing at home.

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What are the best diabetic slippers for men?

Nothing says comfort like slipping into your favorite pair of slippers after coming home after a long day. For people with diabetes, foot care is always important, even when choosing the most casual foot covering.

The average slipper may put you at risk for foot problems like blisters, foot ulcers, and infections—but choosing a good pair of diabetic slippers can mitigate that risk.

The biggest thing to look for, says board-certified podiatric surgeon Miguel Cunha, DPM, founder of Gotham Footcare in New York City, are slippers that are completely closed around the heel, toe, and top of the foot. “Straps on slippers can exert pressure on the foot and lead to blisters and sores,” he explains. Moreover, “Men who wear open shoes are also prone to cuts. Or if they go outside in their slippers, gravel or tiny stones could get inside the shoe and cause sores and blisters.”

And while it’s fine to wear slippers around the house in the morning and evening, Dr. Cunha recommends avoiding wearing slippers for extended periods of time. Slippers just don’t provide as much support as sturdier shoes. Note that not one shoe is going to fit everyone. Don’t wear a new pair of shoes for hours at a time without checking for blisters. Break them in for the first few weeks.

That said, for warmth, comfort, and support, our foot experts share their picks for the best diabetic slippers for men. (Also, check out the best diabetic shoes for women.)

Orthofeet Asheville Leather Slippersvia

Orthofeet Asheville Leather Slippers


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Orthofeet makes great slippers,” says podiatric surgeon Rebecca Pruthi, DPM, owner of Foot Care of Manhattan in New York City. These brown suede slip-ons (which have over 1,250 five-star reviews on Amazon) offer extended widths, a multi-layer orthotic insole with extra support in the toe and the heel and a roomy toe box to eliminate rubbing. You can even pull back the top of the slipper like the tongue on a pair of sneakers, which makes putting these on a cinch.

Propét Men's Cush n Foot Slippervia

Propét Men’s Cush n Foot Slipper

$70-$75, depending on size and color

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These Propét Medicare-approved slippers, made by one of Dr. Pruthi’s favorite brands, hug the foot with soft, stretchy neoprene or corduroy and cradle them with a padded, removable footbed. While they look like slip-ons, the upper part of these slippers open and Velcro shut, allowing you to adjust the width (after selecting one of three width options) and put them on with ease.

“Been hunting for slippers for my diabetic husband for years. We tried several brands but they just did not fit well,” writes one satisfied customer. “I bought these slippers for him at Christmas and he practically lives in them. They look nice and fit him well. The toe area is a nice rounded shape and gives him room to wiggle his toes. He loves the adjustable closure. When his feet swell he can loosen the strap. Other shoes/slippers that were wide enough in the toe area were too wide in the heel and he would walk right out of the shoe/slipper. These are just right in the heel and the toes.” (If you like to play golf, try the best golf shoes for men.)

Lamo Footwear Men's Closed Toe Wrapvia

Lamo Footwear Men’s Closed Toe Wrap

$47-$94, depending on size

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Forget about diabetic neuropathy-induced tingling or pain: The premium sheepskin lining in these Lamo suede slippers will make you feel like you’re walking on clouds. The adjustable strap allows you to fit the slippers to the width of your foot, while the molded heel and toe provide protection from injury. Lamo even offers a 30-Day Comfort Guarantee. (Going for a stroll? Check out the best walking shoes for your feet.)

Old Friend Footwear Men's Booteevia

Old Friend Footwear Men’s Bootee

$80-$90, depending on size and color

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If you’re worried about your foot falling out or fitting awkwardly into other types of slippers, these Old Friend booties are the perfect solution. The durable, gripping outsole is sturdy and reliable for venturing out to the mailbox or to take the trash out. A plus is that the insole can be removed and replaced if needed. The best part: Wide and extra-wide options mean that even men with size 14 wide feet can tug these booties on with ease. (Here are podiatrist solutions to common foot problems.)

Sorel Men's Falcon Ridge Slippervia

Sorel Men’s Falcon Ridge Slipper


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“When choosing a slipper, opt for one that has good arch support,” recommends Dr. Cunha. These slippers from Sorel, a company known for their durable and comfortable boots, offer such support in the form of an EVA midsole. This foam material provides cushioning and protects you from feeling hard or sharp objects underfoot.  Although this is a mule-style slipper, a raised ridge at the heel keeps the foot from sliding out as you walk. (Beware of the shoe mistakes that are hurting your feet.)

Acorn Fave Gore Slippervia

Acorn Fave Gore Slipper

$26-$52, depending on size and color

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If suede and fur lining are not your style, these fleece-lined, tweed Acorn slippers may be more your speed. The memory foam insole will mold to your foot and prevent any movement inside the slipper that could lead to blister formation. “I have been looking, looking, and looking for a pair of slippers that would be comfortable for my neuropathy feet,” writes one purchaser. “These are great in that they have a very nice cushion in the bottom of the slipper.” (Try the best shoes for neuropathy to limit nerve damage.)

Geisswein Veitsch Men's Slippersvia

Geisswein Veitsch

$50-$147, depending on size and color

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These sleek Geisswein Veitsch diabetic slippers are made from 100 percent virgin merino wool. That means they’re sweat-wicking to prevent blister-promoting moisture and antibacterial to keep your feet clean and smelling fresh. The soft, molded footbed is higher in the heel, offering the arch support Dr. Cunha recommends.

“I desperately needed a good pair of house shoes to give me support and comfort for my plantar fasciitis, high arches, and bunions (I’m in my 30s, but my feet feel much older),” writes one five-star reviewer. “These definitely fit the bill—the arch support is fantastic, and my bunions and toes don’t feel squished. I’ve been wearing them non-stop for two days now, and my feet feel great. I do have custom orthotics, but I am thrilled that I won’t have to switch them back and forth between my street shoes and slippers—the insole of these slippers is perfect.”

Tamarac by Slippers International 7161 Men's Camper Moccasinvia

Tamarac by Slippers International 7161 Men’s Camper Moccasin

$25-$58, depending on size and color

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Moccasins are the most supportive and stable style of slipper, which is why Dr. Pruthi recommends them for men with diabetes. For a comfortable and reliable pair, look no further than these leather and faux-fur Tamarac moccasins, which come in eight colors and wide-width options, and boast a whopping 4,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

“My brother has had multiple toe amputations from diabetes and while he was waiting for his custom shoes, that took a long time, I purchased these slippers for him to wear. He loved them,” writes one happy customer. “He is almost 7 ft tall and a very big man. These slippers helped him so much through his healing. Thank you for making such a large size for a large problem.” (Be sure to pay attention to these diabetes complications.)

L.L. Bean Men's Hand-Sewn Slippers, Flannel-Linedvia

L.L. Bean Men’s Hand-Sewn Slippers, Flannel-Lined


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These flannel-lined L.L. Bean picks offer the comfort of a slipper in a stylish leather loafer. A foam liner beneath the flannel cushions the foot, and over 2,000 five-star reviewers speak to their quality and comfort. “I am diabetic and it is pretty necessary to keep something on my feet,” writes one such satisfied purchaser. “These slippers do the trick. Warm, comfortable, and I can go inside and out to get the paper or the mail. They are great.” (These are the best flip flops for arch support.)

Secret Slippers Men's Open Toe Diabetic Recovery Slippersvia

Secret Slippers Men’s Open Toe Diabetic Recovery Slippers

$32-$52, depending on size and color

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The only open toe option on this list of diabetic slippers for men are these Secret Slippers, which are ideal for people with diabetes who have sustained an injury and have bandages on their toes or swelling in their feet that makes putting on a full-shoe slipper difficult. The top of the extra-wide, memory foam-lined slipper opens completely and can be Velcroed around your foot at the desired tightness. The molded heel of the shoe ensures your foot won’t move and slide inside the slipper. The dual-density rubber outsole also provides traction to help prevent skidding or falls.

  • Miguel Cunha, DPM, board-certified podiatric surgeon and founder of Gotham Footcare in New York City
  • Rebecca Pruthi, DPM, owner of Foot Care of Manhattan, New York City
Medically reviewed by Susan E. Spratt, MD, on March 09, 2021