21 Gift Ideas for the Fitness Lovers in Your Life

Updated: Nov. 12, 2020

Given the rise of athleisure and the general cultural obsession with fitness and working out, there's undoubtedly a good chunk of your gift-giving list that would love a wellness-related gift.

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The gift that motivates

There’s nothing like new fitness gear to get you off the couch, out the door, and into a new exercise program. With these can’t-miss options, the fitness folks on your Santa list will be making new strides in no time.

1 leggings
via alalastyle.com

Alala leggings


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We all know that there are seriously dramatic health benefits to working out, but fitness influencers on Instagram also know ALALA. The brand is a favorite of fitness pros and enthusiasts who value function as much as they do fashion. Not only are ALALA’s leggings trendsetting, but they’ll withstand countless washes. Case and point is their Vamp Leggings, which are made with functional velvet. Their Captain Ankle Tights are another fail-safe option with just the right amount of compression to flatter with a very right-now thunder design. Check out this list of 100 gift ideas for people who are impossible to shop for.

2 new balance sneakers
via newbalance.com

VivoBarefoot Wing exercise sneakers

$47.99 – $149.77

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The New Balance 247 Mid, with its knit collar, is perfect for men and women looking for a shoe that could easily transition from a light workout out to the real world. For women looking for a lighter weight shoe, the vivobarefoot Wing Women’s Minimalist Yoga Shoe is also a sleek leather exercise shoe that works just as well for everyday barefoot living as it does for Pilates class or commuting to the gym. Start using these 40 savvy tips that bargain shoppers swear by to save money on holiday shopping.

3 meal planning
via shopladyjayne.com

Meal prep made easy


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Anyone looking to boost their wellness game should consider meal prepping for the week. This 5 x 7-inch pad from Lady Jayne helps you stay on track with your goal of eating right week after week. Don’t miss the all-American gifts to buy your loved one.

4 yoga mat

Luxe, lightweight mat

$97.76 – $149.67

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The Manduka Pro is considered the Rolls-Royce of yoga mats. It has a high-density cushion, joint protection, and is guaranteed to never wear out from yoga practice. The problem? It’s insanely heavy! As an alternative, for those who are always on the move, check out the eKOlite, which has a natural rubber grip that catches you if you start to slip and is light enough to tot around all day.

5 socks
via bombas.com

Bombas socks


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Bombas makes arguably the comfiest workout socks (you might recognize them from their successful Shark Tank appearance). They use a y-shaped stitch at the heel to give socks a more natural fit and keep them from slipping. They also have a blister tab for ankle socks and are constantly updating their pattern and color selection.

6 APL sneakers
via athleticpropulsionlabs.com

APL Ascend trainers


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This might look like a fashion shoe, but The Ascend is actually functional. In fact, it’s APL’s signature cross-training shoe. The colors and patterns are constantly being updated. While there are plenty of more neutral tones, for the workout fanatic who loves to stand out, it’s leopard all the way. Need some more inspiration? Take a look at this guide of 60 Amazon Prime gifts for everyone on your Christmas shopping list.

7 sports bra
via phatbuddhawear.com

Phat Buddah sports bra


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You don’t need to wait for cocktail hour to sparkle with Phat Buddah’s one-size-fits-all (it somehow manages to be at once super stretchy and flattering) sparkly Park Ave Sports Bra.

09 juicer
via amazon.com

Black+Decker Spiralizer


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There are so many delicious zoodle recipes, but the work can be arduous. Cut prep time to mere minutes with the Black+Decker Spiraluxe 6-in-1 Electric Spiralizer. Make sure you know these 10 etiquette rules for gift giving.

10 george foreman
via amazon.com

George Foreman grill


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Eating healthy doesn’t need to be bland or take a lot of time. Use this versatile multi-plate grill to whip up a waffle or to grill lean cuts of protein.

11 superfeetq
via superfeet.com

Superfeet Go Premium Pain Relief Insoles


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Insoles are one of the most undervalued tools to alleviate foot pain—and it’s worth splurging on effective ones. If the athlete in your life can’t afford the custom route, check out Superfeet Go Premium Pain Relief Insoles for more comfortable workouts every time.

12 aladdin
via aladdin-pmi.com

Aladdin water bottle


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You already know the many benefits of staying hydrated, especially when working out. The Aladdin water bottle keeps your water (or whatever else you hydrate with…) ice cold for up to 18 hours!

13 flipbelt
via flipbelt.com

Bright night light


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The battery-free Million Mile Light illuminates up to 200 meters (218 yards), powered solely by the motion of its wearer (the light releases renewable energy with each step taken). You’ll never twist your ankle on that uneven pavement again.

14 hurom
via hurom.com

Hurom Rose Gold Slow Juicer


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When it comes to juicers it doesn’t get more stylish than one that’s rose gold—see for yourself with HUROM H-AA Rose Gold Slow Juicer. HUROM also happens to be the leader when it comes to juicing, so expect this investment to pay off for years to come. The Slow Juicer can help you whip up healthy fruit and vegetable juices, nut, soy, and tofu milks, and natural ice cream.

15 get vi
via getvi.com

VI personal trainer


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VI is the perfect gift for the tech- and data-savvy fitness lover. It’s the first voice-activated, AI personal trainer that gives users a personalized and humanized responsive experience, with running, walking, and cycle coaching in real-time based on its users own fitness data, including heart rate, steps, cadence, elevation, and sleep patterns. It’s all compiled and analyzed through VI’s bio-sensing in-ear headphones and the user’s mobile data to give feedback your exerciser can actually use to improve his or her fitness. Here are 40 more cool tech gifts you may just want to keep for yourself.

16 tiger tail
via tigertaiusa.com

Classic massage stick


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Relieve muscle pain and soreness after a tough workout or training session with the Classic from Tiger Tail.

18 arctic cool
via arcticcool.com

Arctic Cool fitness apparel

$29.99 – $42.92

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Anyone with a tendency to sweat a lot will appreciate Arctic Cool, a line of fitness apparel that has cooling technology built right into the fabric. As your body starts to sweat, the fabric begins to cool down to help keep you comfortable.

20 sweatwithbecnyc
via sweatwithbecnyc.com

Booty bands


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These Booty bands are the perfect way to stay fit on the go. Each bag comes with a set of three resistance loops—light, medium, and heavy—so you can up your intensity as you progress through the workouts outlined in the guide cards that come with this set.

21 flip belt
via flipbelt.com

FlipBelt Crop leggings

$42.03 – $56.00

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Fitness minimalists will love FlipBelt Crops. The workout pants have front and rear pockets to allow you to store cash, cards, your cell phone, and other valuables. They’ve also got an internally secured key hook.

23 sweaty betty
via sweatybetty.com

Sweaty Betty base layers


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Anyone who’s a winter sport enthusiast knows that the key to staying warm is layering. To that end, Sweaty Betty makes some of the best base layers, all of which marry style with function.

F Factor book
via amazon.com

The F-Factor Diet


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With a long list of products and initiatives out—from snacks to full-fledged retreats—F-Factor founder Tanya Zuckerbrot is on her way to being the next Jenny Craig. You’ll see why when you pick up her book, which is more about being healthy as a permanent lifestyle adjustment than just a temporary fix. Her cookbook is another helpful tool for those serious about reaching their health goals.

gym enthusiast kit
Courtesy Tough Girl Beauty Basics

Sweat-proof beauty


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Perfect for your on-the-go fitness buddy, Tough Girl Beauty Basics’ Gym Enthusiast Makeup Kit has all the products necessary to keep you fresh-faced during and after your workout. The convenient packaging is easily portable, and the products are designed to last through your tough sweat sessions, so you can do the running, not your makeup.

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