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These Are the 7 Daily Habits of Natural Born Leaders

Leadership is a collection of key skills that you can cultivate. Life coach Allison Task shares the daily habits, skills,...

6 Things Successful People Always Do Before Bed

We caught up with time management experts and authors to share their tips on what successful people do before hitting...

11 Everyday Things That Affect Men and Women Surprisingly Very Differently

There's a biological reason why men love action movies—and women like to snuggle when they watch it.

50 Habits Healthy Families Always Have

Having healthy habits as a family may lower the risk of heart attack and boost your chance of living longer....

8 Small Things You Can Do to Save Yourself Hours Every Week

Even if you've mastered multitasking and dabbled in delegating, you could still use a few extra tricks to free up...

A Harvard Psychologist Says This Is the Very First Thing You Should Do When You Wake Up

You’ll never get up on the wrong side of the bed again—guaranteed!

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16 Easy, Small Changes You Can Make Today That Have a Major Impact on Your Health

Big changes like training for a marathon are great—but you don't have to remake yourself to have a dramatic impact...

Why Owning a Dog Has MAJOR Health Benefits

Having a dog around the house can give you more than just a boost in happiness.

11 Health Tweaks to Make in Your 30s to Stay Healthy for the Rest of Your Life

Make these small adjustments to stay fit and healthy for decades to come.

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8 Healthy Habits You Should Always Do at Night

There's more to do before hitting the sack than brushing your teeth and washing your face. We asked experts what...

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Should You Stop Wearing Underwear in Bed?

Many people sleep without underwear—some do it on a nightly basis. Check out these compelling reasons for going commando and...

Is It Bad to Cross Your Legs When You Sit?

This common habit may be harming your health more than you think.

This “Lazy” Habit May Be the Key to Creativity, Per New Findings

Not every mind that wanders is lost in useless thought. In fact, daydreaming may be an essential part of the...

Overscheduled? 7 Science-Backed Rules to Make the Most of Your Free Time

When you find yourself with some rare leisure time, here's how to get the most out of it.

Do You Fall for the ‘Nocebo Effect’? 5 Ways to Stay Positive for Better Health

Scientific studies confirm that a placebo (a dummy medication or procedure) can genuinely benefit a person's health. But its sinister...

Hippocrates’ Diet and Health Rules Everyone Should Follow

All new doctors today still pledge to do no harm, which may be Hippocrates’ most famous legacy. But much of...

Guess Which of These Gross Habits Are Really Healthy

Belching, passing gas, picking your nose and eating what comes out of it, and other seemingly disgusting actions might...

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How to Break a Habit in 12 Steps

Losing a habit requires change. We recently took a deep exploration into the science of bad habits, reading the wisdom...

Are Pets Good for Your Health?

Do dogs, cats and guinea pigs offer health benefits to their owners?

7 Annoying Habits—Here’s Why We Can’t Help It

Why does your coworker constantly clear his throat? What’s behind your best friend’s Facebook oversharing? Turns out, science has answers...

January Health Challenge: 31 Inspiring Wellness Goals for a Healthy Year

One simple (achievable) step each day can set you on the path to health and wellness all year long

7-Day Earth Day Challenge: A Week to Better Health for You & Our Planet

Respond to that forever-simmering sense of climate anxiety with simple day-by-day tasks that make a difference.