Healthy Habits

Healthy lifestyle changes aren’t just for New Year’s Resolutions. Learn more about healthy living with The Healthy and start your new and improved life today.

9 Surprising Health Benefits of Sunlight

Sunlight does a body good, right up there with water, sleep and a healthy diet. Come to think of it—we’re basically houseplants.

Bear Grylls Reveals His 6 Keys to Staying Fit at Any Age

TV outdoorsman Bear Grylls dishes on his nutrition must-haves, the surprising role of his faith—and how he relaxes when...

Deion Sanders Shares His #1 ‘Old School’ Rule That Led to 2 Super Bowl Wins

"Coach Prime" reveals what's kept him humble after more than three decades in sports.

This Nurturing Activity May Reduce Cancer Risk, New Study Finds

Here's one more reason to anticipate springtime! The cancer-preventing benefit of gardening came down to one key finding.

Steve Aoki Just Dropped His #1 ‘Biohacking’ Secret

The high-energy DJ's self-care routine includes a few unusual habits...and one must-have snack.

What Is Beezin’ and Why Is it Dangerous?

Younger people are flocking to this TikTok trend—but is it safe? Here's what to know.

New Year’s Challenge: 31 Days to Build the Healthiest You

Your goal: Do one simple (totally doable!) activity each day. Your results: Huge improvements in five critical aspects of your...

The 5 Best Standing Desks to Keep You from Sitting All Day Long

Stand your way to better health in 2023 with the best standing desks on the market, according to physical...

The Ultimate 2022 Guide to a Healthy Holiday Season

Bookmark this guide for recipes, gift suggestions, workout tips and mental wellness wisdom at your fingertips all season long.

Feeling Thankful Can Help Prevent These 7 Major Diseases, Says Research

Real science shows that people who focus on feeling thankful experience lower incidence of these illnesses.

Duchess Meghan Markle’s 11 Quiet Habits That Help Her “Survive and Thrive” in Roya...

Meghan Markle has always advocated for wellness—but when royal pressure heats up, that's more crucial than ever. Here, certified...

Princess Kate’s 9 Secret Habits That Help Her Look So Fresh in Her 40s

The Princess of Wales makes the royal lifestyle appear effortless, but we took a behind-the-scenes look at Kate Middleton's

Here’s How Often You Should Really Shower, Say Doctors

A dermatologist shared her best tips for how to take a shower the right way, from temperature and duration...

Rob Lowe Gets Candid about Fatherhood, Fitness, and the Diet That’s Been a ‘Very Good Fi...

Rob Lowe sat down with The Healthy @Reader's Digest to talk about healthy eating, his...

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Content Recommendation

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Here’s Why It’s OK to Sit on a Public Toilet Seat

Public toilet seats are repulsive to many people who worry about germs. But what does science suggest about sitting on...

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Here’s How Often You Should Really Wash Your Towels

How bad is it to use a towel over and over? Here's how often you should wash towels, where to...

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Here’s How Often You Should Really Shower

How often you should shower is a question with no simple answer. Experts explain when—and what—to wash in the shower.

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Here’s How Often You Should Be Washing Your Dish Towels

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How Often Should You Wash Your Sheets? Here’s What Germ Experts Recommend

Your sheets accumulate sweat, dirt, dust, and more. How often your dirty sheets...

Should You Take a Shower or a Bath? What Experts Think

A germ expert and a doctor explain the advantages—and downsides—of baths vs. showers.

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Do You Need to Wash Your Coffee Mug Every Day?

A coffee break is a delicious and highly motivating ritual. But do you really have to wash the mug...

Peeing in the Pool Isn’t Just Gross—It’s Actually Bad for You

Thinking about how many people are peeing in the pool may stop you from swimming. Here's how gross it really...

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How Gross Is It to Bring Your Phone Into the Bathroom?

Bringing your phone into the bathroom can be a germ-spreading habit with consequences.

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7 Vegan Documentaries to Watch If You’re Thinking of Going Plant-Based

Thinking about trying a plant-based diet? Stream these vegan documentaries and you may find reasons to support your new...

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How Bad Is It to Pee in the Shower?

Should you add peeing in the shower to your list of showering mistakes? Here's what an internal medicine doctor...

I’m a Microbiologist—and This Is the Only Way to Clean Your Underwear

Over the years, scientists have found that one tip can help make sure your underwear are really as clean as...

Are Thongs Bad For Your Health?

Go ahead and don that thong—but use these tips on how to wear a thong to lower your risk of...

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What Are the Dimensions of Wellness—How to Make Them Work for You

Knowing your weaknesses and strengths may help you change your life.

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15 Hygge Gifts For Everyone On Your List Since We’ll All Be Inside This Winter

Here's what you need to know about the cozy Danish tradition of hygge and some gifts and tools that will...

Why Do We Wear Underwear? 8 Health Reasons You Need Them

If you're wondering why we wear underwear, it's simple—for cleanliness, comfort, and support for the nether regions.