Positive thinking can go a long way. Learn about how to live your happiest life.

RD Global Poll: What Makes Us Happiest?

Reader's Digest asked its readers worldwide to rank how these four key aspects impact their personal happiness: Community, Faith, Family,...

How to Be Happier Where It Matters

Lasting contentment can be ours, say happiness experts, if we look in the right places.

Is Calm the New Happy?

A long time ago, happy meant excitement, right? Don't worry. You're not missing out—you've just evolved. (Thank goodness.)

Mood Boosters: New Studies Show How to Beat the Blues

The latest medical research has unlocked some fascinating ways to fight depression.

How Nostalgic, Happy Thoughts Make You Healthier

Boost your mood, ward off loneliness, and strengthen family bonds—all by thinking about your favorite memories.

7 Truly Unusual Ways to Be Happy

We've heard about meditating, exercising, and decluttering our lives in our quest to be happy. Tried all those? Then these...

Don’t Screw It Up: 11 Ways to Make Today Better

Try these tips from Don't Screw It Up! to save time, money, and dignity on everything from your laundry...

6 Surprising Happiness Boosts

Ready to turn that frown upside down? Try these get happy tips at work, at home, and anywhere else

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Gratitude Chases Blues Away

After practicing psychotherapy for 20-plus years, it is clear to me that people who feel gratitude have better lives than

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10 Ways to Beat the Blues

Depression is a serious mental health disorder. However, people may experience the sad emotions associated with depression for reasons that

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Easy Ways to Boost Your Mood

Even the most optimistic people can use a mood boost every once in awhile. Taking an extra moment for yourself

How to Feel Better Today

Reduce stress in your day by cutting these three things out of your life.

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How to Get Happy: Secrets from The Happiness Project

Gretchen Rubin, creator of The Happiness Project website and an upcoming book of the same name, spent a year testing

How to Be Thankful and Improve Your Life

Life gets better when you adopt a gratitude attitude. David Hochman tries it out.

10 Keys to True Happiness

The best part -- it's well within your reach.