Here’s the First Thing Amanda Kloots Does When She Gets Out of Bed in the Morning

Updated: Oct. 03, 2022

The Talk host Amanda Kloots spoke with The Healthy @Reader's Digest about the power of positive thinking, her go-to mantra and her five essential, daily self-care practices.

You know those days when you just can’t seem to motivate yourself to get out of bed? Maybe you’re overwhelmed at work, frustrated with family or heavy-hearted over a recent loss…or, D: All of the above.

It’s normal to feel down sometimes and just want to bury your head under the blankets until reinforcements arrive with chocolate and tissues. Amanda Kloots—a 40-year-old single mom running her own fitness business and working as a host of the TV show The Talk—gets it. But it wasn’t until the pandemic hit and those tough days started to happen more often that she realized the importance of a solid self-care routine.

“Self-care and wellness is about so much more than just doing a workout or drinking a green smoothie. It’s how you care for yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually,” she tells The Healthy @Reader’s Digest.

In fact, she says, self-care starts with that very first minute you wake up, before you get out of bed or even open your eyes.

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Amanda Kloots on choosing positivity

Too many of us start our days by running through our to-do lists or scrolling through our phones, which can make us feel anxious, stressed or depressed. Instead, make a decision to start every day with something positive. “For me it’s all about small habit changes,” Amanda Kloots says, “and one small habit that made a big difference to my wellness was starting my day on a positive note, by thinking a positive thought or mantra.”

Her go-to is this: “Make yourself as big as you can.” Kloots explains this statement is about allowing yourself to be expansive, own your space and think big thoughts—a powerful idea for women, as we are often told we should make ourselves smaller—both physically and ideologically—so we don’t make others uncomfortable.

Kloots always posts her positive thought for the day to her Instagram, sometimes choosing song lyrics or quotes that speak to her soul. Another favorite, she says, is “Self-care isn’t self-centered.” That’s the tagline of Swanson W/I/O, a line of wellness supplements Kloots has partnered with.

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Amanda Kloots on why self care isn’t selfish

Too often we hear we should prioritize everyone else over our own needs, and that is a recipe for depression. Prioritizing self-care is an act of love to those around you because it means you’ll be able to show up for them because you’re coming from a place of internal strength, she explains.

To see what that looks like for her, Amanda Kloots shares her top self-care habits with The Healthy:

Water, water and more water

Right after getting out of bed she drinks two big glasses of water and then continues to stay hydrated throughout the day. Drinking plenty of water is linked with improved mood, a stronger immune system, more energy, brighter skin and fewer sugar cravings.

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Time with loved ones

Kloots makes sure to get lots of snuggle time with her 3-year-old son, Elvis. Having a strong support network of loved ones is one of the best things you can do every day. Physical touch is an instant way to feel happier every day.

Power napping

Every afternoon, Kloots sets a timer for 15-minutes and hits her pillow. This daily nap acts as a mental reset, which she reveals allows her to be more focused, creative, and energetic afterwards.

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Dance it out

As a fitness instructor and dancer, Amanda Kloots knows that daily exercise is a need, not a want. Her favorites are dancing, jump roping, tennis, and boxing—and she posts workouts on her website so you can follow along and workout with her.

Solid nutrition

Kloots knows the importance of eating nutrient-dense meals, filled with fruits, veggies and protein. She also uses supplements, to make sure she’s getting everything her body needs. Her two favorites are Swanson W/I/O’s Mental Wellness Self-Care capsules and their MagnesiUmmies gummies.

“The great thing about wellness is that it is so individual and it can be ‘bite-sized’ so it can be customized to your life,” she says. “What works for me doesn’t have to work for you and that’s OK! The trick is to decide what your wellness goal is and then be targeted in taking care of yourself.”

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