The Surprisingly Simple Secret to a Sizzling Sex Life, According to a Sex Expert

Updated: May 10, 2021

Oddly enough, it has nothing to do with your body.


Great sex doesn’t begin and end in a relationship’s honeymoon phase. In fact, there is no need to panic if the initial flame has fizzled out; it could be a sign that your relationship is solid as a rock, experts say. But you definitely shouldn’t let your sex life go by the wayside, either. Not only do you get amazing health benefits from fooling around in the bedroom, but regular sex can also rekindle the connection you feel with your partner.

So, how can you heat up your humdrum sex life? Sexual wellness coach Lauren Brim says simply having conversations about your desires and fantasies with your partner could be a great way to start. (These 31 natural libido boosters could help you have a better sex life, too.)

“We have to keep energy into that sexual relationship as in the same way we maintain our bodies through regularly working out,” she told POPSUGAR. “And like how we show up to our jobs, we have to show up sexually for our partners. And that means talking to them about sex, talking about what you want to experience with each other, sharing fantasies.”

In any relationship, it’s common to reach a point where comfort and familiarity overrides excitement and passion. While these conversations may require some extra work, sharing your desires and asking your partner about theirs is “one of the best ways to keep the energy flowing,” according to Brim.

That said, it’s okay if you and your significant other have different sexual appetites (here’s why!) Simply “allow that creativity and curiosity to remain a part of your sexuality,” Brim said. She encourages mixing it up in the bedroom when you can. Need some inspiration? Not only does having sex at 7:30 in the morning come with some amazing perks, but this is the best time of day to do it, too.

Bottom line: If you and your partner don’t already share your sexual desires with each other, Brim recommends starting ASAP. But that’s not the only thing you can do boost your bedroom action. Check out even more simple ways to improve your sex life.

[Source: POPSUGAR]