This Is the Super Surprising Sign Someone Is Good in Bed, According to a Study

Updated: Aug. 03, 2023

Forget the sexy lingerie: Slap on some rubber gloves and add a little elbow grease if you want your partner to think you're good in bed.

It’s impossible to tell just by looking at someone whether they’ll be good in bed. There’s definitely no hard scientific research that says someone who appears a certain way, or does a certain thing, will be completely amazing in the sack. But that doesn’t mean we don’t all have our own theories about what makes someone a great lover—and some of those theories may be pretty surprising. (How many of these sex myths do you think are true?) According to a recent Wakefield Research survey for LG QuadWash, it’s not what you do in bed that sends the sexy signal: Of 1,000 people surveyed, 58% agreed that someone who is good at chores will be good in bed.

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Additionally, the results revealed that most Americans (52%) admit they get turned on by their partner doing housework, with more women (57%) than men (46%) likely to get turned on when their partner does a chore. And nearly two in five Americans would rather have their partner send them a photo of them cleaning their home than posing in a swimsuit. For some people, chores can even be a precursor to makeup sex: 17% of Americans would rather have a partner do household chores after a fight than apologize.

The findings seem plausible to LA-based licensed marriage and family therapist Allen Wagner. “People who are good at chores show attention to detail in addition to self-reliance and independence,” he says. “Follow through and successful execution would be the main reasons [for attraction], as there is a parallel there. People who do chores also exhibit responsibility, and as we know there is responsibility when it comes to sexual intercourse.”

Richard Matzkin, author of Loving Promises: The Master Class for Creating Magnificent Relationship, agrees that “a man who fully and generously participates in maintaining home and hearth would probably bring that generosity into the relationship.”

“It is about caring for your partner and the relationship,” he says. “If a man wishes to please his mate outside the bedroom, he probably is eager to please her in bed.”