10 Best Pajamas for Women, If You Can’t Sleep Naked

Updated: May 03, 2021

Here are the best pajamas for women, by fabric. Plus, a sleep doctor explains why wearing the right pajamas could help you sleep better.

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Sleeping in style and comfort

An old concert T-shirt, an ex-partner’s school hoodie, or a pair of matching jammies from holidays past—what you wear to bed is personal in more ways than one.

And sometimes, the best option is actually sleeping naked. Yes, that means not wearing underwear to bed.

The type of pajama or pajama fabric you wear can affect your sleep, according to Raj Dasgupta, MD, a fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and assistant professor of clinical medicine at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California.

The whole point about picking pajamas, or even sleeping naked, is that it’s about what makes you comfortable, and makes you fall asleep quicker and stay asleep,” he says. 

How does what you wear affect your sleep?

It all comes down to the quality and quantity of sleep.

Even if you are clocking enough hours asleep, poor quality sleep means daytime functioning isn’t great. That might look like feeling tired a lot during the day or relying on one too many cups of caffeine.

So the next thing Dr. Dasgupta looks at is sleep hygiene. Make sure the bedroom is cool, quiet, and on the dark side. Once you rule those out, it’s on to more questions.

“When we talk about people who are trying to do things to get better sleep, they have to find out what is the missing puzzle piece, and for some individuals, it’s gonna be the temperature,” Dr. Dasgupta says.

For others, it’s comfort—and pajamas play a role in both.

There’s an association between temperature and the important sleep hormone melatonin, according to Dr. Dasgupta.

“As your core body temp at night goes down, melatonin tends to increase,” he says. “In the morning, when your body is warming up, of course, melatonin levels will be low.”

Strategizing what you wear to bed may help regulate your body temperature, make you more comfortable, and overall promote better sleep. Wearing fabric that feels good and doesn’t need adjusting means fewer sleep interruptions.

Here are some of the best pajamas for women, by fabric.

(What is antimicrobial fabric?)

Global Womens Pajamas Setvia amazon.com

Cotton pajamas: Global Women’s Pajamas Set

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“For what I know, I think lightweight cotton seems to be a favorite,” Dr. Dasgupta says.

“I know my wife loves wearing lightweight cotton, and she always tells me it’s breathable and very stretchy, so when she’s moving at night or tossing and turning, it’s not clinging to your body.”

This two-piece set from Global is 100 percent cotton and comes in eight different colors. The two big front pockets and elastic waistband are part of the reason why there are glowing Amazon reviews for this set.

Colorfulleaf Cotton Pajamasvia amazon.com

Cotton pajamas: Colorfulleaf

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For the warmer months, consider this set from Colorfulleaf. These women’s pajamas are 100 percent cotton.

Remember, this fabric is lightweight and cool. It’s ideal for people who want a little give or stretch in their clothing.

These cotton pajamas have two pockets in the shorts and a chest pocket on the shirt. The waist is adjustable with a drawstring, so you can get comfortable easily. Bonus: They come in eight different colors.

Lilysilk Silk Pajamas For Womenvia amazon.com

Silk pajamas: LilySilk Silk Pajamas for Women

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Silk is also very breathable, and it’s good for not overheating, according to Dr. Dasgupta.

So hot sleepers who want to cool down for bedtime may like these LilySilk pajamas. They are 100 percent mulberry raw silk. The pants have an adjustable belt and cuffs at the bottom.

Silk is also hypoallergenic, so it’s a good choice for anyone whose sensitive skin is easily bothered by harsher fabrics.

Fishers Finery Womens Short Pajama Setvia amazon.com

Silk pajamas: Fishers Finery Women’s Short Pajama Set

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If you like the idea of wearing silk, but prefer shorts and short sleeves, this set from Fishers Finery is a good fit. It’s 100 percent mulberry silk. The shorts have an elastic waistband and the top buttons from the front.

As a bonus, the set comes with a ready-to-use mesh wash bag so you can clean your pajamas without ruining the fabric.

Consider adding a silk pillowcase to your sleep routine, too.

Womens Scotch Plaid Flannel Pajamasvia llbean.com

Flannel pajamas: L.L. Bean Women’s Scotch Plaid Flannel Pajamas

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Hibernate in the winter with this pajama set from L.L. Bean. These women’s pajamas are made from Portuguese flannel. This fabric is warm and is a bit heavier than cotton.

The Scotch plaid style is a classic that comes with the option to add a monogram.

Latuza Womens Plaid Flannel Nightgownsvia amazon.com

Flannel pajamas: Latuza Women’s Plaid Flannel Nightgowns

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Nightgowns can be an underrated women’s pajama option. Who wouldn’t want to skip the elastic and sleep in a giant shirt?

If that’s you, this Latuza nightgown is a solid pick. It’s made from lightweight, plaid cotton flannel. It has long sleeves and is full length so you can stay cozy on cold nights.

Eizniz Womens Merino Wool Pajama Setvia amazon.com

Wool pajamas: Eizniz Women’s Merino Wool Pajama Set

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The short sleeve pajama set is great for sleepwear, nightwear, or loungewear. The 100 percent merino wool material from this Eizniz set is breathable, wicking, and anti-odor.

Dagsmejan Sleep Dressvia dagsmejan.com

Wool pajamas: Dagsmejan Sleep Dress

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Get the best of both worlds with this sleep dress from Dagsmejan. This soft merino nightgown combines comfort and style. It features a waterfall neck, over-thumb sleeves, and dropped hem.

The fabric is a combination of merino wool, Lyocell rayon from eucalyptus, and a small amount of spandex. The combination means this thermal nightwear is light and breathable, while still keeping you warm.

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Serena And Lily Positano Linen Pajamasvia serenaandlily.com

Linen pajamas: Serena & Lily Positano Linen Pajamas

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Linen pajamas become more comfortable with every wash. The fabric is not only popular for pajamas, but bedding, too, since it’s lightweight and breathable.

This Serena & Lily set features 100 percent European linen and a relaxed fit that’s perfect for sleeping or lounging. It’s a particularly good option for warm sleepers.

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Revolve Homebodii Linen Pj Setvia revolve.com

Linen pajamas: Revolve homebodii Linen PJ Set

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This linen pajama short set from Revolve has a 100 percent linen front-button top and drawstring short.

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