Vaccines are given to us throughout our lives. Learn more about vaccines for children, flu shots and more.

7 Ways to Get the Covid-19 Vaccine Early

Yes, you can sign up to receive a leftover Covid-19 vaccine. Here's how to improve your chances of vaccination and help make sure no vaccines go to waste.

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Covid Vaccine for Kids: What You Need To Know

More kids than ever are getting the disease and dying from it. The newly authorized pediatric vaccine is an effective...

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Should You Get Your Covid Vaccine and Flu Shot on the Same Day?

Can you get your Covid-19 and flu vaccines together? What about other multiple vaccines at once? Learn what experts say...

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Tdap vs. DTaP: What’s the Difference Between These Whooping Cough Vaccines?

DTaP and Tdap vaccinate against the same illnesses: diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis (aka whooping cough). So why...

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What’s a Vaccine Passport and Do You Need One?

The future of travel may call for proof you've been vaccinated against Covid-19.

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How to Get a Flu Shot at Target

Here's everything you need to know about Target's flu shots.

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How to Get a Flu Shot at CVS

Flu season is here and it's not too late to get your flu shot. CVS is offering vaccines around...

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How to Get a Flu Shot at Costco

Flu season is here—but so are vaccines. Costco is one of many retailers that offer immunizations. Here's how to...

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How to Get a Flu Shot at Walgreens

It's more important than ever to get your flu shot. Here's how to get yours at a local Walgreens,...

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9 Vaccinations You Need—and Aren’t Getting

Are you up to date on all your vaccines? The answer may surprise you.

9 Immunizations and Medications You Need to Know About Before You Travel

Planning a fun adventure across borders and oceans? To keep your body healthy and sound while you're trekking and sightseeing,...

40 Things Your Doctor Wishes You Knew About Vaccines

For something that saves countless lives every day, vaccines sure take a lot of heat. Learn what your doctor...

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10 Vaccine Myths You Can Safely Ignore

Don't buy into the rumors. Get the vaccine facts from medical experts who debunk the most common misconceptions about childhood...

This Is Why Parents Need to Be Up-to-Date on All of Their Vaccinations, Too

Parents-to-be: the vaccines you get may be just as important as the ones your baby gets.

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Who Shouldn’t Get the Covid-19 Vaccine—and Why

Covid-19 vaccines are easily available and recommended for just about everyone—but doctors say there are a few people who...

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How Long Does a Tetanus Shot Last? What You Need to Know

Thanks to the effectiveness and widespread use of the tetanus vaccine and booster shots, there are just 30 cases per...