Chuck Norris Is Still Kicking at 83—Here’s His #1 Secret

Updated: Aug. 24, 2023

The Hollywood action icon shares the morning ritual he never his rule for a happy marriage.

Even heroes age, and martial artist and actor Chuck Norris is no exception. For decades, Norris stunned fans with his strength and onscreen stunts—so much that “Chuck Norris facts” became an internet phenomenon, with people creating increasingly outlandish claims about just how powerful Chuck Norris really is (he even compiled his favorites in a 2009 book).
Today Norris is 83, and his power and stamina—as well as his lovability—are still fierce. As he launches new products in his nutrition and supplements line, Roundhouse ProvisionsThe Healthy @Reader’s Digest took Norris up on the chance to learn the fitness and nutrition keys to keeping healthy, the morning habit that grounds him, and how he’s nurtured a healthy marriage for 25 years.

Chuck Norris’ secrets to healthy aging

The Healthy @Reader’s Digest: From your social media, it’s clear you’re still so active. We would not have guessed that you’re 83 these days. Do you feel as well as you look?!

Chuck Norris: Thank you! I’m grateful to feel strong, healthy, and energized. I don’t see age as a reason to slow down—if anything, it’s given me an opportunity to renew my commitment to fitness and nutrition. I make sure to add movement whenever I can each day and fuel my body with nutrients that have helped me feel younger than ever.

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The Healthy: You’ve had such an illustrious career with fans who have loved you for so long. What’s a word of wisdom about longevity and staying active that you’d want to share with them?

Chuck Norris: I appreciate all the love and support from my fans, and I suggest to them to decide what matters most to you and center your life around that—good things will follow. I try and focus on pursuits that I am passionate about such as our charity, “Kickstart Kids,” which is an incredible program that makes a huge difference to the youth of tomorrow.

For me, my values are freedom, family, fitness, faith, and fight. Prioritizing fitness and nutrition allows me to be more active with my loved ones, and a healthy body will offer me many happy years with them. Exercising with my family is a meaningful experience; my children are just as passionate about martial arts as I am. They are incredibly talented, too. So, engaging with your friends and family in these physical activities is another piece of my “wisdom” for longevity. I’ve always said, “A family that trains together stays together.”

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The Healthy: We cover a lot about healthy relationships, and we noticed you sometimes post how blessed you feel to have the marriage you do. Can you share any way you’ve managed to stay so happy in your partnership?

Chuck Norris: Gena and I are so blessed to have the marriage we do. We do everything together, whether it’s exercising, traveling, working on the ranch, raising kids and grandkids, or even launching new businesses like Roundhouse Provisions, we’re a team 100% of the time. Gena is instrumental to all the incredible accomplishments that we’ve made in our lives together.

Gena and I started Kickstart Kids back in the early 1990s and we’ve had over 100,000 children participate in the program. Giving back to the community and seeing the breakthroughs that we’re able to achieve with Kickstart Kids means the world to us. I think when two people love each other and share the same goals and values, that’s the foundation to build an amazing life on.

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The Healthy: If you had to name one secret to how you’ve stayed healthy, what would it be?

Chuck Norris:  I’ve learned a lot about healthy aging over the years, and one of my most important discoveries is the power of listening to your body and identifying what helps it perform at its best. Gena and I concentrate heavily on our nutrition, it’s one of the reasons that we aligned ourselves with Roundhouse Provisions and these products that we believe in.

Some key nourishing ingredients have emerged as essential for our well-being, and I’ve noticed the transformation when I incorporate them into my wellness routine. Gena and I always make sure to start our day with Roundhouse Provisions Morning Kick because the key ingredient is ashwagandha. This anti-aging super plant helps boost my mental energy, and I’ve noticed that it helps sustain my energy levels throughout the day.

I’ve also experienced the benefits of berberine, an AMPK activator in Three Hit Combo that helps the body turn fat into fuel. And in Gut Strike, a powerful group of 15 probiotic strains team up to support smoother digestion and a healthy immune system. Together, these ingredients among others have revitalized my health and unlocked a fresh level of energy.

Listening to your body also includes the type of exercise that you take part in. Things like making sure you’re doing the right stretches before you start an exercise. Martial Arts is my passion, and I’ve recently found that practicing my forms in the swimming pool is actually a great way to stay in shape and focus on my movements, but also the buoyancy of the water takes a lot of pressure off my joints. I really love swimming these days, too. These are just some examples of listening to your body and working out sensibly.

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The Healthy: What inspired you to want to share your passion for nutrition with the public?

Chuck Norris: During the Texas ice storms a few years ago, many of my fellow Texans ran out of food and water. It was a tough situation, my family and I wanted to help be part of the solution. Roundhouse Provisions was born to help families prepare for anything—from severe weather to daily challenges that require a little extra strength.

I’m also a massive proponent of staying hydrated, and that led us to start CForce water. With CForce we are able to harness the unique properties of the water at our Lone Wolf Ranch. Gena and I are so happy to be able to make this exceptional water that is free of organic impurity and hard metals and minerals, available to the public.

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The Healthy:  What’s one self-care habit you refuse to skip?

Chuck Norris: I think it’s essential to begin each day with a quiet moment for yourself. Whatever that entails: Be it meditation, praying, or sometimes just going for a peaceful walk. I try to stay very active and I believe that a body that keeps moving, moves, and one that stops, stops. So before I start my exercise, if it’s some martial arts, or a session on the Total Gym, I find that this moment of clarity and peace is one that I can’t skip.

Oh, and a really good cup of coffee too. That is a great way to start your day.

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