Whether you or a loved one has diabetes or prediabetes, learn about the difference, symptoms and signs, causes and risk factors.

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Here’s Why All Type 2 Diabetics Should Be Eating More Broccoli

Vegetables are a smart menu choice for everyone, especially people with diabetes, but this one veggie has extra special powers...

Researchers Develop a “Smart Tattoo” That Can Revolutionize Blood Sugar Checks for Diabe...

Could your next tattoo help monitor your health? New research from MIT suggests that medical tattoos may soon be a...

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9 Things People with Diabetes Must Watch Out for in Summer

Summer is no time to take a vacation from managing your type 2 diabetes. But if you take precautions,...

The 5 Most Critical Things to Look for on a Nutrition Label to Prevent Diabetes

So many foods purport to be healthy for us, so understanding the labels can be tricky. Here's how to decode...

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The Best and Worst Foods for Your Prediabetes Diet Plan

More than a third of U.S. adults have prediabetes—a major risk factor for developing diabetes. Here's how your eats can...

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Simple Tricks for Living Well with Diabetes—from People Who Have It

Accepting a diabetes diagnosis can be difficult, especially when you must change previous habits and adapt your lifestyle. But there's...

These New Findings Will Change Your Mind on So-Called ‘Healthy Oils’

You'll never see your go-to cooking oils the same way again.

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Exercise for Diabetes: 12 Workout Tips for Diabetics

Working out with type 2 diabetes can be challenging. Follow our expert tips for how to exercise for...

Could a Natural Sweetener Help Control Blood Sugar?

A popular sugar replacement could help treat diabetes someday, say scientists.

9 Deliciously Sweet Summer Treats Even Diabetics Can Enjoy

By making smart choices, even people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes can enjoy summertime sweets.

If Diabetes Runs in Your Family, You NEED to Read the Latest Study on Fruit

Your first step toward diabetes prevention is right there in your fruit bowl.

This Workout Normalizes Blood Sugar for Type 2 Diabetics In Just 2 Weeks

For people with diabetes, the right workout does so much more than blast fat and improve stamina.

Researchers May Have Found a Way to Reverse Type 1 Diabetes

Small clinical trials are showing early success.

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What Exactly Is the Difference Between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes?

Type 1 and type 2 diabetes are both on the rise, but they differ in many ways. Here's what you...

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10 of the Best Herbs and Supplements for Diabetes

Can herbs or supplements help you control your diabetes? These 10 have shown promise in lowering blood sugar, boosting insulin...

The Surprising New Reason Behind Rising Diabetes Rates

While the obesity epidemic is definitely driving cases of diabetes to historic highs, our changing climate is also to blame.

Turn Off the TV! Your Child’s Binge-Watching Habit May Up Their Diabetes Risk, Says Study

Giving your child an iPad to play or having them watch their favorite show may do more harm than good.

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There’s Now More Evidence That Type 2 Diabetes Can Actually Be Reversed

All it takes is four months to make a potentially lasting change.

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6 of the Best Dietary Supplements for a Diabetic Diet—and 3 You Should Avoid

Are your favorite natural remedies for treating diabetes effective, or even safe? Read our guide on the best dietary supplements...

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28 Popular Restaurant Dishes That Are Great for People with Diabetes

Yes, there are diabetic-friendly restaurants, if you know what to order. These meals won't knock you off course if you...

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What Just One Weight-Lifting Session Can Do for Diabetes

You might dismiss the benefits of a single workout, but research suggests they're substantial—especially if you're exercising for diabetes.

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Stick to This Diet If You Want to Reverse Diabetes Risk Factors—or Avoid Them Completely

Tens of thousands of Europeans are on the edge of developing diabetes. Only permanent lifestyle changes can make the difference....

Should You Get Your Blood Sugar Levels Checked?

A recent report suggests you probably don't need annual physicals, but you may want to make an exception for a...

7 Low-Carb Vegetables for a Diabetes Diet

All vegetables are nutritional superstars—with essential vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals—but these seasonal picks can also help keep your blood sugar...

7 Diabetic Diet Myths You Can Safely Ignore

Weight loss can be difficult with diabetes, no thanks to popular misconceptions that can actually work against you. Among the...

What Is Diabetic Neuropathy? Key Facts to Know

One of the most serious and most common side effects of diabetes is diabetic neuropathy, damage to the nerves in...

What Is Diabetes Mellitus? Key Facts to Know

Receiving a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus can be scary. Although most people have heard of diabetes, many people with a...