Whether you or a loved one has diabetes or prediabetes, learn about the difference, symptoms and signs, causes and risk factors.

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Insulin Resistance: A Growing Epidemic

In the West, where the mega-meal and recliner are all too pervasive, insulin resistance is increasingly common.

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Metabolic Syndrome: The Kitchen Sink of Conditions

Insulin resistance on its own can be dangerous, as you’ve just discovered. But there’s worse news: If you have it, you may

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Will Skipping Breakfast Help Lower Morning Blood Sugar?

Q. Help! My blood sugar is sky-high in the morning. Shouldn’t I skip breakfast to bring it down? A. No.

Type 2 Diabetes Basics

Learn about the complexities of this common diabetes type.

Stabilize Your Blood Sugar

Steady glucose levels to prevent diabetes, heart disease, memory problems, and fertility problems.