Whether you or a loved one has diabetes or prediabetes, learn about the difference, symptoms and signs, causes and risk factors.

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11 Healthy Casserole Recipes for People with Diabetes

These lightened-up, healthier versions of classic one-dish casserole recipes contain more veggies and fiber to make for a delicious dinner.

Decadent Diabetic Desserts

No feast is complete without a sweet ending! These low-sugar tarts, cakes, and chocolate desserts will satisfy diabetic and other...

7 Healthier Chocolate Diabetic Desserts

Dark chocolate can actually be good for your blood sugar and diabetes. Enjoy these healthy diabetic desserts recipes in moderation.

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Black Forest Mousse Cake

Here's one of those heavenly warm chocolate cakes that is very light, surprisingly low in fat, and much easier to...

The Very Best Food for Appetite and Blood Sugar Control

With 15 grams of protein and fiber per cup, black beans are a great food for dieters. They contain resistant...

Why Blood Sugar Matters

It's no longer just certain people who need to worry about their blood sugar; it's pretty much everyone.

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Foot Care Advice for People With Diabetes

You asked, we answered. Check out our podiatrists' tips on diabetic foot care, from how to prevent nerve...

At the Pharmacy: 16 Useful Items for Diabetes

16 shopping tips that will help you care for and manage your diabetes.

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8 Meal Planning Tips for Healthy Eating

You wouldn’t start a vacation without an idea of where you’re going to go, and neither should you start your

Swimming Tips for People with Diabetes

The swimming pool is a great place for people with diabetes to get active!

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Ready, Set, Grill

Sure, firing up the barbecue or gas grill provides you with a sociable, relaxing time in the backyard, which is

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Can People With Diabetes Eat Cheese?

If you have type 2 diabetes, it's fine to eat cheese—although some types are better than others. Cheese may even...

What Is Type 1 Diabetes?

Learn the major characteristics of type 1 diabetes.

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Insulin Injections FAQ

If your pancreas no longer makes enough insulin, then you need to take insulin as a shot. You inject the


Can this dairy staple help protect against insulin resistance?


Learn more about onion, one of the richest sources of chromium, and how it improves the body's ability to respond...

Insulin Resistance: A Growing Epidemic

In the West, where the mega-meal and recliner are all too pervasive, insulin resistance is increasingly common.

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Metabolic Syndrome: The Kitchen Sink of Conditions

Insulin resistance on its own can be dangerous, as you’ve just discovered. But there’s worse news: If you have it, you may

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Will Skipping Breakfast Help Lower Morning Blood Sugar?

Q. Help! My blood sugar is sky-high in the morning. Shouldn’t I skip breakfast to bring it down? A. No.

Type 2 Diabetes Basics

Learn about the complexities of this common diabetes type.

Stabilize Your Blood Sugar

Steady glucose levels to prevent diabetes, heart disease, memory problems, and fertility problems.