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8 Foods Naturally High in Vitamin B12

No matter what your dietary restrictions, you shouldn't skimp on this essential nutrient. Here are some easy, tasty ways to...

13 Fruits and Vegetables You Shouldn’t Peel—And 9 You Should

Food experts share what fruits and veggies have edible peels. Here are some you should avoid peeling, and others you...

12 Best Summer Superfoods for Women

What superfoods will help make your summer—and the rest of your life—healthier? We have an expert-approved list just for you.

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Pink Himalayan Salt vs. Sea Salt: Which Is Better for You?

Health experts discuss what you need to know to choose between sea salt and pink Himalayan salt, and how

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What Soy Really Does to Your Body

Is soy bad for you? Does it cause cancer? And what is soy in the first place? Here, top nutrition...

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15 High-Protein Snacks Nutritionists Actually Eat

Nutritionists love these satisfying, high-protein snacks you can buy or make at home.

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12 High-Protein, Low-Carb Foods to Help You Lose Weight

These high-protein, low-carb foods will help you stay fuller for longer—and could ultimately help you lose weight.

10 Healing Herbs and Spices

The benefits of cooking with herbs and spices go way beyond a flavor boost.

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8 Creative Protein Powder Recipes

Cynthia Sass, a registered dietitian nutritionist, shares her protein powder recipes that are convenient, healthful, and affordable.

The 10 Best Recipes for Dry Lentils

Grab that bag of dry lentils and get cooking (or baking)! This affordable and shelf-stable under the radar superfood...

12 Nutritious Canned Bean Recipes for Quarantine

Registered dietitians and nutritionists share their tasty and nutritious canned bean recipes to make during coronavirus quarantine.

4 Creative Kale Recipes to Try Right Now

Nutrient-packed and extremely versatile, kale is definitely having a moment. Incredibly hardy, kale also lasts a long time in the...

10 Recipes with 5 Ingredients or Less that Nutritionists Love

If time constraints and ingredient availability have thrown off your usual eating routine, these dietitians have ideas for how to...

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10 Healthy Breakfast Recipes for When You’re Sick of Cereal

Bored with your usual breakfast options? Registered dietitians share creative and healthy recipe ideas you can make for breakfast (or...

How to Eat Raw for a Day

Cook less and still eat healthy for the day with these four raw food recipes, like a green smoothie,...

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The Pegan Diet: What You Need to Know About the Paleo/Vegan Mashup

This combination of the vegan and Paleo diets could be the answer to your dieting woes. Here's what you need...

15 Whole30 Breakfast Recipes That Will Make You a Morning Person

Check out these Whole30 breakfast recipes from our food experts that will fuel your morning and keep you powered through...

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19 Food Facts That May Change How You Eat

You won't believe some of the stuff you've been swallowing. Read these food facts from our experts before you take...

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10 Healthy Instant Pot Recipes We’re Loving for Winter

Combat the winter sniffles and blues with these 10 Instant Pot recipes that are delicious and may help boost your...

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10 Mocktail Recipes for an Alcohol-Free New Year’s Eve

Nutritionists and bartenders share delicious alcohol-free drinks recipes fit for a celebration.

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Ending the Debate: The Best Place to Store Condiments

The fridge? The kitchen cabinets? The discussion on the best place to store your condiments can be a thorny one....

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15 Bestselling Healthy Cookbooks on Amazon

These 15 healthy cookbooks feature delicious, easy recipes—it may sound like a dream, but this list is reality.

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5 Antisocial Foods You Should Keep Eating

You might want to dodge their after-effects, but these unfriendly, healthy foods are delicious. Here's why you should keep eating...

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Nutritionist-Approved: 13 Cozy Fall Recipes

These fast, seasonal dishes are packed with nutritionist-approved healthy foods.

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12 Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes Everyone Will Love

Do you want some delicious vegan Thanksgiving recipes? Of course you do. Here are some your whole family will love.

19 Best Gifts for Tea Lovers

From mug warmers and crystal infusers to gorgeous kettles and tea chests, any tea lover is sure to be pleased...

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The Halloween Candy with the Lowest Sugar

This Halloween have your treats and enjoy them too with these low and sugar-free Halloween candy options to limit your...