Mental Health

Mental health contributes to your overall wellness. Learn about types of mental illness and how you can improve your overall outlook.

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What Is an Existential Crisis—and How Can I Break Out of One?

An existential crisis is an internal conflict about what is the meaning of life and existence. Find out more about...

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Why Everyone Should Take a Mental Health Day This Week

World Mental Health Day is October 10th: Here are 14 great reasons why you deserve to take a mental health...

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What Is Day of the Dead? 5 Things It Can Teach You About Grieving

Day of the Dead, or Día de Muertos, is a celebration of life and death. This is what it can...

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Are You a Hypochondriac? How to Tell If Health Anxiety Is a Problem

Once known as hypochondriasis or hypochondria, an overwhelming fear of being sick is actually called illness anxiety disorder. Here are...

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Waking Up With Anxiety at Night? Here’s What Experts Recommend

Here's a look at the causes, treatments, symptoms, and ways to prevent anxiety at night.

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16 Anxiety Quotes that May Help You Cope a Little Better

These short quotes about anxiety may help you feel better, or at least less alone, with your worries.

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If You Have Panic Attacks at Night, Here’s What to Do

They can be scary and disorienting. Here's how to cope with, manage, and even prevent panic attacks at night.

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Can You Use Melatonin for Anxiety? Here’s What You Need to Know

Melatonin supplements can help with sleep problems, but it's unclear if they can help reduce anxiety. Here's what the experts...

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Why Morning Anxiety Is a Thing and What to Do About It

When thoughts and worries hit as soon as your eyes pop open, you may have morning anxiety.

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13 Things You Should NEVER Say to Someone Suffering with Anxiety

Even people with the purest intentions can really make a mess when they try to help—here's what to avoid, and...

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Autumn Anxiety is Real: Why the Fall Season Makes You More Stressed

The change in seasons, specifically from summer to fall, can evoke worry, fear, and other negative emotions.

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Got Eco-Anxiety? Here’s How to Deal With Climate Despair

Does climate change make you feel anxious, hopeless, and helpless? You may have eco-anxiety. Here's how to cope with ecological...

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7 Signs You’re Headed for a Nervous Breakdown

If you’re stressed and experiencing these symptoms, you might be ready to snap.

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The Most Relaxing Hobby You Can Do, According to This Survey

We're all a little tense. Here's a simple, anxiety-soothing way to unwind—and a few more options if that's not the...

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What Is an Empath—and Can You Become One?

Do people often say you're a good listener? Do you tend to have a deep sense of what people are...

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Do You Have Nomophobia? Signs You May Have Smartphone Anxiety

While your smartphone's constant updates could trigger anxiety, you can also have a fear of losing or forgetting your phone...

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Low-Grade Depression Risk During Coronavirus—How to Protect Yourself

Protect your mental health and learn about dysthymia (low-grade depression) and why it's a risk during Covid-19.

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10 Self-Care Health Products for When You Need Me-Time

It's important to take time to give yourself a little love and the TLC that you deserve. Here are some...

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13 Short Positive Quotes that Will Boost Your Mood Right Now

If you're finding yourself in desperate need of an attitude adjustment, these short positive quotes should do the trick.

15 Quotes About Toxic People that Will Help You Heal

Do you have friends, family, or co-workers that bring you down? These toxic people quotes will help you rise above...

16 Funny Motivational Quotes About Life That Will Make You Laugh

These funny motivational quotes about life can help inspire you to achieve your goals while also putting...

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15 Quotes About Positive Thinking

Tap into positive thinking to improve your mood and health with these quotes from authors, poets, athletes, and...

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13 Body-Positive Quotes That Remind Us That All Bodies Are Beautiful

These body-positive quotes may help you appreciate all bodies no matter their size, shape, or color—even your own.

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16 Self-Care Quotes That Will Inspire You to Care for Your Mind and Body

These self-care quotes can help you get inspired to nourish your mental, physical, and emotional health every day.

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11 Foods that Make Anxiety Worse

Did you know what you eat can contribute to anxiety? These are the foods you'll want to avoid—they may...

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17 Short Inspirational Quotes that Will Make Your Day

Get inspired to be a better, happier, more productive person with these short inspirational quotes from comedians, philosophers, authors, and...

How My Immigration Status Has Affected My Mental Health

As an undocumented immigrant in the United States, Edgar Vasquez has had to battle anxiety and fear of...