Mental Health

Mental health contributes to your overall wellness. Learn about types of mental illness and how you can improve your overall outlook.

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The Most Relaxing Hobby You Can Do, According to This Survey

We're all a little tense. Here's a simple, anxiety-soothing way to unwind—and a few more options if that's not the...

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What Is an Empath—and Can You Become One?

Do people often say you're a good listener? Do you tend to have a deep sense of what people are...

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Do You Have Nomophobia? Signs You May Have Smartphone Anxiety

While your smartphone's constant updates could trigger anxiety, you can also have a fear of losing or forgetting your phone...

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Low-Grade Depression Risk During Coronavirus—How to Protect Yourself

Protect your mental health and learn about dysthymia (low-grade depression) and why it's a risk during Covid-19.

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10 Self-Care Health Products for When You Need Me-Time

It's important to take time to give yourself a little love and the TLC that you deserve. Here are some...

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13 Short Positive Quotes that Will Boost Your Mood Right Now

If you're finding yourself in desperate need of an attitude adjustment, these short positive quotes should do the trick.

15 Quotes About Toxic People that Will Help You Heal

Do you have friends, family, or co-workers that bring you down? These toxic people quotes will help you rise above...

16 Funny Motivational Quotes About Life That Will Make You Laugh

These funny motivational quotes about life can help inspire you to achieve your goals while also putting...

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15 Quotes About Positive Thinking

Tap into positive thinking to improve your mood and health with these quotes from authors, poets, athletes, and...

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13 Body-Positive Quotes That Remind Us That All Bodies Are Beautiful

These body-positive quotes may help you appreciate all bodies no matter their size, shape, or color—even your own.

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16 Self-Care Quotes That Will Inspire You to Care for Your Mind and Body

These self-care quotes can help you get inspired to nourish your mental, physical, and emotional health every day.

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11 Foods that Make Anxiety Worse

Did you know what you eat can contribute to anxiety? These are the foods you'll want to avoid—they may...

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17 Short Inspirational Quotes that Will Make Your Day

Get inspired to be a better, happier, more productive person with these short inspirational quotes from comedians, philosophers, authors, and...

How My Immigration Status Has Affected My Mental Health

As an undocumented immigrant in the United States, Edgar Vasquez has had to battle anxiety and fear of...

How Finding a Black Therapist Helped Me Heal

My white therapist was unwilling to accept my lived experiences as a Black woman as valid. Seeing a Black...

Here are 6 Tips for Finding a Black Therapist

Finding a Black therapist for your mental health can be a challenge, but these expert tips can help you...

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9 Ways to Stop the Incredible Damage of Negative Self Talk

The limiting beliefs of negative self talk can take a toll—here's how to stop it in its tracks.

Stress: How to Recognize Stress and Deal With It

Stress is normal, but too much can hurt your quality of life. Here are the symptoms of stress and how...

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Should You Get Tested for Anxiety?

New recommendations state that all women and girls 13 and older should be screened for anxiety. Here's what you...

What Everyone Gets Wrong About Suicide

You might have an image in your mind of the type of person who's at risk for suicide—here's why that...

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19 Therapist Tips for Finding Hope in Dark Times

Battling Covid-19, economic hardship, and racial injustice is overwhelming: These therapists offer ways to refuel your hope.

One Woman Survived Child Abuse for Years—Here’s What She Says Everyone Gets Wrong About It

Erin Cole was 6 months old when her parents' divorce caused her life to spiral out of control. Read on...

8 Weird Symptoms You Didn’t Know Were Linked to Stress

Need help coming to terms with stress or figuring out how to handle it? Here are some weird stress symptoms...

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Zoom Burnout Is Real—Here Are 7 Therapist Tips For Making Hangouts Better

Weekly Zoom meetings seemed great at first—and then they suddenly became a hassle. We asked experts how to make Zoom...

25 Powerful Quotes That Speak Volumes in the Fight Against Racism

These inspirational quotes ring true in the fight against racism now more than ever before.

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15 5-Second Strategies for Shutting Down Stress ASAP

You know that stressed-out feeling all too well—your heart races, your breath becomes shallow, your mind starts spinning. Luckily, these...