Sexual Health

Understanding sexual health is the first step toward sexual well-being. Learn how to increase your libido and sex drive, and practice safe sex.

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Erectile Dysfunction Could Be a Red Flag for a Much More Serious Disease

Believe it or not, problems down there could be an early sign that your ticker is at risk.

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This Is the Male Body Type Women Find Most Attractive, According to Science

Perhaps we didn't need science to tell us this, but here it is... this is the male body type women...

If You Have PCOS, You Need to be Screened for These Disorders

As if polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and its accompanying symptoms weren't challenging enough for women, now scientists are saying that...

The Scientific Reason Why You Should Have Sex Before Going to Bed Tonight

Trust us, your sleep will get a huge boost from it.

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Here’s How Often You Need to Have Sex to Possibly Slow Down Aging

The amount of sex you have in a week may influence the aging process for the better

Is HIV Home Testing a Game-Changer? Magic Johnson Thinks So

As the first over-the-counter HIV test becomes available nationwide, here's how it will really affect HIV diagnosis and treatment. Plus,...

10 Questions Men Should Definitely Ask Their Doctors About Testosterone

Before you buy into the myth that "real men" have high testosterone levels, make sure you know the facts.

Taking a Shower Could Be Killing Your Sex Drive—Here’s How

We all want to feel clean and look great for a night out, but what if your pre-date shower is...

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The Best Essential Oils for a Sizzling Sex Life

Scents make sense when it comes to the boudoir—after all, science has found your nose can lead you to the...

The Amazing Perks of Having Sex at 7:30 in the Morning

Your mornings are about to get much, much better.

What Your Face Shape Can Reveal About Your Sexuality

Men with this face shape have a stronger sex drive and may be more likely to cheat, says science.

This Dangerous Sex Trend Could Give You an STD—or Worse

A couple begins with safe sex, but the guy removes his condom: It happens, and it's called stealthing. Here's what...

Can Your Vagina Actually Become “Depressed”? What the Science Really Says

Antidepressants can ease the condition known as vulvodynia. Hence the idea of a “depressed” vagina.

This Is the Super Surprising Sign Someone Is Good in Bed, According to a Study

Forget the sexy lingerie: Slap on some rubber gloves and add a little elbow grease if you want your partner...

This Survey Reveals the Best Food to Eat After Sex

You need to make up for all of those calories you just burned off, right?

30 Percent of Women Have This Down-There Infection—and They Don’t Even Know It

As many as one in three women will develop bacterial vaginosis (BV) at some point in their lives, but most...

This Is the One Mental Trick You Need for Better Sex (Hint: It’s Not Tantra)

The brain is supposed to be the largest erogenous zone we have—but it can also be the biggest turnoff. Here,...

These Are the 7 Golden Rules for a Healthy Sex Life

Follow these guidelines, and you'll be on your way to a solid sex drive.

12 Things Sex Therapists Wish You Knew

Sex therapists share everything you need to know about their practice and how to have a healthy sex life.

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This Is How Much Sex Your Brain Needs You to Have

Slip between the sheets, and your brain will be better because of it.

This Is the Real Reason Your Sex Drive Spikes in Summer

Your temperature isn't the only thing that rises in summer—nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

7 Sex-Related Conditions Younger Men Aren’t Talking About (but Should Be)

Sexual health is about more than just libido. Here are medical conditions that can affect the sexual health of younger...