Sexual Health

Understanding sexual health is the first step toward sexual well-being. Learn how to increase your libido and sex drive, and practice safe sex.

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9 Sex Therapists Reveal What They Get Asked the Most

The number one question sex therapists get from clients, by far, is "Am I normal?" Read on to find out...

Better Sex and More Intimacy: 8 Habits of Connected Couples

Here’s what the happiest couples do to improve intimacy, stay connected, and maintain a healthier sex life.

18 Questions You May Be Too Embarrassed to Ask Your Gynecologist

Gynecologists answer all the embarrassing questions about sexual health, from body odor to bladder problems—that you may be too...

Here Are 11 Causes of Painful Sex (and What to Do About Them)

Nearly three out of four women have pain during sex at some time during their lives—and one of these...

8 All-Natural Sex-Drive Boosters That Will Take You to the Next Level

You're blushing, we're blushing, but let's face it: A healthy sex life can lift your overall well-being. So why not...

This Is the Surprising Age When You’ll Have the Best Sex of Your Life

Great sex doesn't end when you leave your twenties.

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12 Things Men Can Do to Boost Their Fertility

Here are some healthy lifestyle changes that men can make if they are concerned about infertility.

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18 Myths About Sex You Still Believe

Here are the most common sex myths you probably (once) believed, from sex burns a lot of calories to breakup...

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25 Little Sex Mistakes You Don’t Realize You’re Making

You don't need champagne or satin sheets in order to have a great sex life, but you do need to...

10 Obstacles to a Healthy Sex Life—and How to Overcome Them

Keep your sex life healthy with a dose of perspective from a sex therapist and tips for overcoming obstacles.

12 Surprising Things That Boost Your Libido

Changing your daily routine in these simple ways can improve your sex life, no fancy herbs or weird spells...

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Aphrodisiacs That Work—as Long as You Believe They Do

The science behind aphrodisiacs is limited, but here's what you need to know about common libido boosters and your sex...

Aphrodisiacs That Are a Waste of Money

If only the key to better sex were eating a particular food or taking a pill. But most supposed libido...

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7 Signs You Could Be Allergic to Sex

While rare, human seminal plasma hypersensitivity—an allergy to semen—does exist. Talk to your doctor if you have any of these...

Erectile Dysfunction Could Be a Red Flag for a Much More Serious Disease

Believe it or not, problems down there could be an early sign that your ticker is at risk.

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This Is the Male Body Type Women Find Most Attractive, According to Science

Perhaps we didn't need science to tell us this, but here it is... this is the male body type women...

If You Have PCOS, You Need to be Screened for These Disorders

As if polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and its accompanying symptoms weren't challenging enough for women, now scientists are saying that...

The Scientific Reason Why You Should Have Sex Before Going to Bed Tonight

Trust us, your sleep will get a huge boost from it.

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Here’s How Often You Need to Have Sex to Possibly Slow Down Aging

The amount of sex you have in a week may influence the aging process for the better

Is HIV Home Testing a Game-Changer? Magic Johnson Thinks So

As the first over-the-counter HIV test becomes available nationwide, here's how it will really affect HIV diagnosis and treatment. Plus,...

10 Questions Men Should Definitely Ask Their Doctors About Testosterone

Before you buy into the myth that "real men" have high testosterone levels, make sure you know the facts.

Taking a Shower Could Be Killing Your Sex Drive—Here’s How

We all want to feel clean and look great for a night out, but what if your pre-date shower is...

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The Best Essential Oils for a Sizzling Sex Life

Scents make sense when it comes to the boudoir—after all, science has found your nose can lead you to the...