With racing thoughts and noises outside, falling asleep isn’t always easy. Learn about how to get a better night’s sleep.

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6 Reasons It Might Be Time to Get Rid of Daylight Saving Time

When we hit daylight savings time in the spring, the amount of daylight stays the same—but we get less light...

10 Common Habits That Are Making You Sick

Many of our daily habits could be sabotaging longevity, according to the thought-provoking book The End of Illness. Here are...

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10 Things You Shouldn’t Do When You’re Tired

You know you shouldn’t drive when you're really tired, but these surprising moves are also a bad idea when you're...

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16 Sneaky Signs You Need to See a Sleep Doctor

If your sex drive is dead or you can't shake a cold, it may be a lack of quality sleep....

9 Awesome Things Your Brain Does When You Sleep

Sleep may leave you unconscious, unaware, drooling, and twitching, but your brain is a hive of activity. Here's what the...

The Best Mattress for Every Kind of Sleeper

A restful night sleep is possible—if your mattress accommodates your natural sleep style. Here's how to find the right bed...

This Is Exactly How Much More Sleep You Need if You Want to Lose Weight

A little extra shut-eye could make a BIG difference in how you eat the next day.

This One Food Can Help You Fall Asleep—and Boost Your IQ

Adding this one healthy and delicious food to your diet can help you fall asleep, and it may actually boost...

8 Things These Sleep Disorders Could Be Saying About Your Health

Difficulty with sleep sometimes means more than restless nights and tired days. Michael Breus, PhD, a.k.a. The Sleep Doctor, discusses...

Why You Shouldn’t Sleep with Your Phone in Your Bed

Experts are warning you to power down before bed—and here’s why.

This Is the Reason Why You Feel Like You’re Falling When Going to Sleep

Most people have experienced this sensation at some point in their lives.

Caffeine Stops Working After This Many Nights of Bad Sleep

Surprisingly, a fresh pot can't solve all of your problems.

The Surprising Way You Can Trick Yourself into Falling Asleep

You’ll be shocked at how easy it is to finally get a full night’s sleep.

10 Sleep Aids You’ve Never Heard of—That Really Work

You don't have to turn to sleeping pills to get the Z's you need. These are the devices, programs, apps,...

Do You Groan In Your Sleep? Here’s What It Says About Your Health

But what noise does Chewbacca make when he sleep groans....

10 Relaxation Techniques to Help You Wind Down for Sleep

To set yourself up for a restful night's sleep, you need a bedtime routine that calms your body and quiets...

8 Simple Ways You Can Get Smarter While You Sleep

What you do before going to bed (or tucking in for a nap!) can make all the difference in your...

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The Best Sleep Position for Back Pain and 10 Other Health Problems

This handy guide will help you figure out how to lie down for optimal health.

10 Bedtime Routines That Turned Insomniacs Into Sound Sleepers

Is your nighttime routine in need of a makeover? Clinical psychologist, Michael Breus, PhD, aka The Sleep Doctor, shares before...

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If You Don’t Sleep with Socks On, Here’s Why You Should Start Tonight

Here's a science-backed reason to go sock shopping!

Dreaming Could Lower Your Risk of Dementia, Says Science

If you don't get enough REM sleep—when most of your dreaming happens—you may be at a greater risk of dementia.

Believe It or Not, 1 in 10 Millennial Men Still Sleep with Teddy Bears

They're soft, they're cuddly, and they provide emotional support. Some folks even like they way they smell. And there's a...

Sleeping in a Room With This Temperature Could Boost Your Metabolism

Believe it or not, the room temperature while you sleep could affect your metabolism and ability to fall asleep easier.

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I Tried the Lotion Everyone Claims Cures Insomnia—Here’s What Happened

The latest viral sensation for sleep-lovers is a pale purple, sweet-scented skin cream called Sleepy, brought to you by the...