Pollen season isn’t the only time allergies can disrupt your day to day. Read more about what could be the cause of your allergy symptoms.

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Ever Wondered Why Everyone Sneezes So Differently?

We only have so much control over our “achoos.”

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These 9 Medical Conditions Might Be Mistaken for Allergies

Your sneezing and itchy throat might not be due to allergies. Here are some health conditions that can be mistaken...

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10 Surprising Ways You Can Stop Seasonal Allergies in Their Tracks

Allergists share their best tips on how to manage seasonal allergies, from getting rid of mold to reducing...

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What Allergists Do to Keep Their Own Allergies at Bay

Allergists reveal how they manage to control their allergies, from stocking up on meds to doing laundry on a...

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Could Probiotics Be Your Best Defense Yet Against Spring Allergies?

Here's why you may want to consider taking a supplement this spring.

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Milk Intolerant? Lactose Might Not Be the Problem

Those who get tummy problems from milk usually write it off to lactose intolerance, but could A1 protein be the...

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The Best Wines to Drink If You Have Allergies, Are Gluten Free, and More

To find the best wine for your lifestyle, registered dietitians share tips and tricks for navigating the wine list.

Yes, You Can Feed Peanuts to Babies. Here’s Why.

Turns out, a bit of peanut butter a day could keep the allergies away.

What Foods to Eat to Beat Hay Fever

If you suffer from spring allergies take a look at your plate: Some foods can make allergies worse. Surprised? Here’s...

Have Allergies? These 7 Beauty Tricks Might Be Life-Changing

Skin experts reveal how your makeup routine can help mask common allergy symptoms, from a red, itchy nose to...

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6 Cities to Avoid This Allergy Season

Planning a weekend getaway during allergy season can be tricky, since allergens and pollen counts vary from place to place.

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3 Common Tests for Diagnosing a Food Allergy

Sometimes diagnosis of a food allergy is straightforward, but it can also be less specific, and require medical tests. Here...

All About Food Allergies

Peanuts were once considered perfectly normal party fare, but today, most are well aware they could trigger lethal allergic reactions...

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Ahchoo! 9 Ways to Cope With Late-Summer Ragweed Allergies

When it comes to allergies, spring gets the big headlines. Pollen from flowering trees and other flora bombards people’s immune

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Top 5 Spring Allergy Mistakes to Avoid this Season

1. Don't spend blindly on over-the-counter medications. There are tons of allergy medications available at the store, some of which

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8 Fall Holiday Tips for Those with Food Allergies

The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI) and its allergist members, doctors who are experts at diagnosing and

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Allergy Trigger Avoidance: How to Manage Fall Allergies

Over-the-counter allergy medication can really take a toll on your wallet, especially in tough economic times. The best defense is

28 Ways to Prevent Allergy Sleep Loss

Are allergy symptoms keeping you awake at night? Here's how to get a comfortable night's sleep.

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Pollen-Proof Your Life

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night with an attack of hay fever or pollen asthma?

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How to Handle Allergies

The Allergist. The news is good. In the past, antihistamines made people drowsy, but newer ones (loratadine, fexofenadine and cetirizine)

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De-Allergizing Your Home: A Room-by-Room Guide

People are rarely allergic to the things that make up a house — that is, the paint, wood, steel, plastic,