Mental Health

Mental health contributes to your overall wellness. Learn about types of mental illness and how you can improve your overall outlook.

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Here’s Why Procrastination Can Actually Be Bad for Your Health

You might think procrastination is annoying but fairly harmless. Think again: Putting things off can be bad for your health.

Why Controlling Your Anger May Help You Live Longer

When you understand your rage—and how it can affect your health—you'll have a better chance of expressing it in a...

10 Best Light Therapy Lamps on Amazon for Seasonal Affective Disorder

Learn how bright light exposure can help alleviate the symptoms of season affective disorder, and check out the highly rated...

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How to Love Yourself: 5 Ways to Achieve Body Acceptance

Want to love yourself? Your first step may be accepting your body—or body acceptance—rather than trying to love your body...

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7 Therapist-Approved Ways to Deal with Dating Rejection

Rejection is a part of life. Here's how to overcome dating rejection using therapist-approved tips, from taking your time to...

How to Stop Fighting so Much, According to Relationship Experts

Ease the tension in your relationship and learn how to resolve conflict with advice from our relationship and dating experts.

Here’s Why You Feel Depressed the Day After Drinking

The overwhelming feeling of depression and anxiety after a night of drinking is more common than you think and here's...

‘Magic Mushrooms’ for PTSD: Why Psychedelics May Help Heal Trauma

Psychedelic-assisted therapy, including the use of 'magic mushrooms', may aid in the treatment of PTSD, research suggests.

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Why So Many People Are Scared of These 10 Things

Some of our top fears include both emotional and physical threats. Here's what you should know about fear.

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Not A Hugger: Why Some People Don’t Like Hugging

Don't like getting a hug? You're not alone. Our experts explain why.

11 Simple Ways to Prevent the Post-Holiday Blues

The post-holiday blues sometimes follow holiday depression. Here are some ways to cope with the emotional let-down that can happen...

13 Goal-Setting Tips From Mental Health Experts on Instagram

Social media's most-followed therapists share what it really takes to follow through on any goal.

How I Finally Overcame My Fear of Needles

Maryam Bami had to face her biggest fear to learn what was plaguing her health.

Forget New Year’s Resolutions: Here’s What Experts Really Recommend

Forget your New Year's resolutions this year. Here's what our experts say will really help you identify and achieve your...

How to Deal with Depression: What Worked for 16 Real-Life People

From meds to exercise to experimental therapies, people break through the isolation and get real about the things that made...

10 Healthy Experience Gifts Wellness Fans Will Love

You'll surprise and delight your friends and family with these thoughtful gifts for better health.

9 Best Bullet Journals of 2020 to Buy on Amazon

A bullet journal can be fun, help you get organized, relieve stress, and be good for your

11 5-Second Strategies to Stop Anxiety in Its Tracks

Top experts share exactly what you need to do to reduce those anxious feelings, both in the moment and for...

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18 Things Doctors Wish You Knew About CBD for Anxiety

You can find CBD oil in lip balm and shampoo, pain relief products and pet treats: Most tout CBD's supposed...

The 15 Best Gifts For Staying Warm and Cozy this Winter

Comfy blankets, cozy scarves, cashmere pajamas: Give something that will bring warmth to the ones you love this year.

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29 Simple Habits that Relieve Holiday Stress and Anxiety

Are the holidays the season of excitement or a time for anxiety and frustration? Here are expert tips to get...

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7 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Watch Scary Movies

Discover what the "boo!" factor can do to your body—and your mind.

15 Best-Ever Comebacks to Body Shaming

Get inspired to stand up against body shamers with these bold and brilliant comebacks from empowering celebs and everyday women.

36 Depression Quotes That Capture Exactly What You’re Feeling

You'll laugh. You'll cry. And then hopefully you'll feel just a little bit less alone in your struggles.

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5 Free Personality Tests You Can Take in Minutes

These quick online quizzes offer surprisingly accurate snapshots of your defining characteristics.

10 Signs That You Might Be Depressed

When negative feelings linger and begin to take a toll on your job, health, or relationships, it's time to see...

10 Signs You Have Incredible Empathy

It's more than just being sensitive.

22 Ways to Stop Feeling Guilty All the Time

All that self-blame can take a major toll on your mental and physical health. Here’s how to retrain your brain...

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12 Clues to Spot a Narcissist

Experts say we're in an epidemic of narcissism. Do you know the telltale signs?