Reverse Diabetes: The Shopping List

Updated: Sep. 20, 2022

Use the Reverse Diabetes Shopping List during the 12-Week Challenge to make sure you're not missing any important ingredients each week.

Being mindful about what you’re eating starts at the grocery store. For people with diabetes, this is especially true: you want to make sure everything you’re putting in your cart will meet your needs and help keep your blood sugar levels in a good zone. This Reverse Diabetes Shopping List, which accompanies the new edition of the Reader’s Digest Reverse Diabetes book, is the perfect way to jot down everything you need for a healthy week of meals ahead.

During the Reverse Diabetes 12-Week Challenge, use this list in tandem with the Reverse Diabetes Meal Planner to write down everything you need to buy to make your menu a reality. You can work to reverse diabetes. This shopping list helps you get there.