• The Best Juicers On The Market Reviews (as of 2015-2016)

    Juicers are a wonderful tool in any kitchen – especially for people who are looking to get more nutrition in without having to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. Juicers create fresh juice from raw fruits and vegetables, giving you the nutrition you need in a convenient way.

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  • 60 Good Questions To Ask A Girl

    One of the most important parts of getting to know a girl on your first couple of dates is making interesting conversation. But coming up with things to say on a first date can be difficult. Yet few things will turn a first date sour (and ruin your chances at a second) like boring, awkward small talk.

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  • 50 Good Questions To Ask A Guy

    First dates are tough. They can be awkward and uncomfortable because getting to know someone new is almost always difficult, especially with the added pressure of potential romance. Fortunately, coming into a first date prepared will help you out big time.

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  • The 100 Best Pump Up Songs Of All Time

    Want to know why we love “pump up” songs? The answer is simple. They get us revved and raring to go and motivate us to complete whatever task is at hand.

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  • Ten Chia Seeds Side Effects and Benefits

    After centuries of neglect, chia seeds are getting their time in the limelight as a fantastic dietary supplement.

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  • The 100 Most Inspirational Songs of All Time

    Motivational lyrics and powerful arrangements give inspirational songs the power to motivate, to inspire, and to uplift. Here are a few of my favorite motivational songs of all time as of 2015-2016, in no particular order. 

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  • Crazy Bucket List Ideas: Top 100 Things To Do Before You Die

    Ah, the bucket list: the running list of awesome, amazing, crazy, inspiring ideas you’d like to do before you “kick the bucket.” Maybe you have one, maybe you don’t. Whether your bucket list is on paper, on Pinterest, or just potential, here are 100 crazy bucket list ideas for you to consider.

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Best Products for Frizzy Curly Hair Reviews (in 2016)

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Trying to find the best hair styling product to manage frizzy curly hair can be a time consuming task. There are many types of hair styling products on the market today and choosing the right one can be a difficult task. Many consumers experiment with different styling products, which can be expensive and frustrating. We’ve done the work and research for you to come up with this list of the top 10 hair care products for 2016 that help manage frizzy or curly hair.

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Best Memory Foam Pillow for Side Sleeper Reviews (in 2016)

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Having a quality memory foam pillow on which to rest and support your head can mean the difference between a night of deep, restful sleep and a morning of body stiffness, aches, and pains. There are many types of memory foam pillows on the market today for side sleepers and choosing the right one can be a difficult task. We’ve done the work and research for you to come up with this list of the top 10 memory foam pillows for side sleepers for 2016.

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Best Dive Watches for the Money Under $500 (2016 Reviews)

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An expensive, high quality watch makes an impressionable gift, but it’s not for everyone. In fact, many people that have high quality watches, such as dive watches, don’t even wear them. They store them away in vaults or safes to protect their investment. Dive watches make an impressive fashion statement, but some people feel that they are too large and bulky for everyday use.

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Best Shoes for Nurses On Their Feet All Day (2016 Reviews)

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As a nurse, you are constantly on the go with making rounds, tending to patients, and responding to emergencies.  Your shifts are also long and it’s not an unusual occurrence to spend the majority of your day on your feet.  By the time you get home, not only are you exhausted your feet are probably feeling less than their best.

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Best Tasting Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss

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The notion of trying to lose weight is overwhelming for many people. The thought of measuring, counting, calculating, and preparing foods that are different from the norm prohibits some people from getting started on a diet plan. Meal replacement shakes make the job of planning the right amount of fuel for your body easy. Meal replacement shakes suppress hunger and fill you up with essential nutrients that give your body energy. They are easy to grab and go for people who have an active lifestyle. Meal replacement shakes can be used on their own or in conjunction with any other weight loss plan.